"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Special Birthday Gift

Yesterday, was a special day....my birthday.  Last year, was the worst birthday I had - ever.  This year, it was one of the best.  Greetings and lovely gifts from my "Family"......that's all of YOU!

I did have one particular gift I want to share......  enroute to meeting a friend for lunch, the rain stopped, and a rainbow stretched across the Bay!  (You must look carefully - it's just at the bottom of the horizon. I only had my cell phone with me to shoot it.) We don't get many in SF - and I really took it to be a "Gift from God"....bringing me hope for the future.

I send each and every one of you a big hug and much love....thank you for being - YOU....

And tomorrow is Halloween!  May yours be wonderful and magical!   BOO!!!


♥ Robin ♥

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Robin et "Cyrano"....oops, I mean Placido!

Yes, finally, the right moment came about and I was able to have a friend take a picture of Placi et Moi! He is such a sweet man - as nice and charming as when we first met in 1993!  (Mon Dieu!)

Reviews for "Cyrano" have all been stellar....and there is a rumour floating about that he may reprise it here in 2011.  We will see......

I had to share with you all! 

 (Amanda, still having trouble trying to have the "shy" Monsieur Greathouse pose for me....but I will keep trying!


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Wednesday......and Zombie Bunny's First Halloween! BOO!

I know, I am a few days early....  but here are some of "the Creatures of the Night"...getting ready to celebrate Halloween!  And.....here is a photo of my very own - ZOMBIE BUNNY!  Yes, what a lucky girl I am to have received this wonderful gift from the talented Pam of "Yoborobo"!  Thank you Pam!!!!
HAW to all!


Monday, October 25, 2010

"Cyrano" - Opening Day!

Yesterday was quite a day for SF Opera, it's Star, Placido Domingo and it's audience!  We had our first wild and wet Autumn Storm.....umbrellas blowing inside out, patrons dresses soaking....hair frizzled....  but oh well, it was worth it to see Senor Domingo perform on the SF Stage after an absence of 17 years.
A sold out (of course) house....the cast, the orchestra - all ready to go...   midway through the first act, David Gockley, our General Manager, comes on stage (never a good sign)....  Placi was not feeling well..(gasp from the audience)......but.....he was going to try and continue.  (sigh of relief from audience..)  And continue he did....for the rest of the first act, he sang his part an octive lower than was written.  But, after intermission, he, like the amazing man he is, returned in (almost) full voice and delivered a heroic and poignant performance.
The reviews will not be out until late tonight....  but, the audience loved it - loved him!  Seven curtain calls - and flowers thrown to Placi and two of the other principal singers.

Finally, I felt it only right to include a photo of him 'sans' costume, 'sans' fake nose - this is the real man, how he looks today. (Still waiting for an appropro moment to have a photo taken with me....yesterday was just too chaotic!)

Hope you enjoyed this!  More to come....


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Animal Wednesday - "Wabbits"!

Emily Wabbit has been off gallavanting...but here is an "archival" video of the "Famous One" (or rather, the "Infamous One") and one of her cousins when she was teeny.....and just beginning to think of all the mischief she was going to cause!   Emilweeeee!!!!  HAW!!!!


♥ Wrobin ♥

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Cyrano" - San Francisco Opera's Latest

Hmmmm....where have I been, you may wonder?  Well, at my "second home" - San Francisco Opera! We are fortunate to have the wonderful Placido Domingo starring in "Cyrano de Bergerac"...it opens next Sunday and while I have attended two Piano Rehearsals and one complete rehearsal (with Orchestra), we have yet to hear "the great one" sing one note! He does, however, look marvelous in his black leather costume, complete with white plumed hat and rapier!  He moves gracefully and forcefully for a 69 year old...and fences beautifully.  He has not sung because he is finishing up a dual run at LA Opera....singing the role of Pablo Neruda in "Il Postino" and also conducting "The Barber of Seville"....

Sigh...no photos of Placi yet.... I met him years ago in Bayreuth, Germany, when I was young and quite lovely.  A friendship ensued and I flew to LA as his guest several times...and...he even visited me in SF - at the very place I still live at....but, at the very same time....I met my Ex....  it was a complicated, operatic-like moment in my life...  still, although we have not communicated in 16 years....I am hoping to be able to see him and take a photo for you all. (Going to the Final Dress on Thursday.)

In the meantime, here are a few photos of other cast members......  I hope you enjoy!  To be continued....


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animal Wednesday - Queen of the Willow Ball

No, not me!  But, this adorable porcelain Hummingbird!  Some of you know that I was a first-time guest at the 2010 Willow Ball!  (Some of you......were also there!)  A great, fun-filled and occasionally "naughty" time was had by all!  Our wonderful Hostess - Willow - had two prizes available for all of the many guests to vie for.....and - unbelievably - I was one of the winners!  I was the recepient of this gorgeous Hummingbird!  Not only is she beautiful - but for me - she is truly meaningful.  My Mum adored these little "speed demons" and now, whenever I see (or hear one), I feel she is sending me a hug and letting me know she still looks after me.

Thank you  Dear Willow!  I will always treasure the little feathery one.....and it will be a sweet and magical rememberance of my very first Willow Ball!

And....of course - she qualifies as my "Animal Wednesday" subject!  A warm and loving HAW to everyone!


♥ Robin ♥

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I felt the desire to add a little Vivaldi in honour of the return of Autumn to my blog. May your day be filled with golden sun, crisp breezes and of course, multi-coloured leaves drifting down....


♥ Robin ♥

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Animal "Thursday", Thankful Thursday

Still battling my flu-like symptoms - and I cannot talk yet.....  perhaps because I am house-bound, I feel reflective and a little sad today.  I miss Bofie.  Seeing him was full of joy - for both of us!
He was really happy to see his "Mum" and bounced (as only a 100 pound Lab can do) with great, unbridled glee.  I bought a toy for him....  it is exactly the same as the one I bought for Stella - only it is Lilac-coloured.

Anyway, I felt I could post a photo of him....for although we no longer see each other regularly, perhaps we will see each other from time-to-time. This photo was taken my last Summer in Santa Fe  - in 2008.  Bofie is happily chomping down on another Lilac-hued toy.  (I think it was an Octopus....)

I am grateful I had the opportunity to see "C" and Bofie.....it felt good to run through the leaves with him.  I loved the sound his paws make when he gallops through dried leaves.....  I had almost forgotten what a wonderful sound that is.

I didn't take any photos of my "Ex-guys"....  I felt it was important for me to change my patterns.  (I was a prolific photographer of our lives for all those years.)  I carry the new images in my mind - but felt a need to share Bofie with you all. 


♥ Robin ♥

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Yart" Memories, Autumn Colours, Warm Friends....and...a little extra something...

I knew I would be the last to post about the amazing "YART" Fair because I spent most of Monday flying across country....but I am home now.....and if it were not for all of YOUR fantastic retellings and photographs, I might just think I had dreamt the past four days.....

I was so busy with "Madame" KJ, prepping for "YART", then trying to keep everything going smoothly, that I wasn't able to take many photos....  but I did take a few.  The one above is the lush carpet of golden leaves from the large tree in front of#9.  For a San Francisco Girl, it was luxury to hear them crunch when I walked and to see them fall in a magical golden shower during the night.  (My wonderful room overlooked the tree....)

Many of you captured the now "infamous" "PARING" sign.....but, I was there to watch KJ place it in the ground!  Ha-ha!  It brought smiles to many.....and yesterday, before KJ took me to the airport, we collected the signs - this one still made us laugh!  (We are saving it for next year!)

The "Morning After"....grey skies, cold temperatures....the Magic Cottage sighing, looking a little lonely after all the happiness and giddiness of the weekend.  The Magic Cottage really is MAGIC!  When JB asked if I would like to visit it.....I really felt like Alice through the Looking Glass....and as you know, it is as wonderful inside as out.

A yard one day full of tables and artists - now hosting one white wicker chair...  but the memories and the laughter will linger on forever!

I was happy to take Stella for a walk in the park between rain showers on the Friday before "YART". She is so gentle and loving,  a real sweetie... and we had fun skipping over puddles...although she thought "Auntie Robin" was a wee bit mad....as I often stopped to collect some red Maple leaves and "Elven acorns"....  I needed to bring back a bit of Autumn with me. 

The little "extra" I spoke of in the title of this post..... my Ex and Bofie (our Chocolate Lab) drove up from NY the day after "YART".  We went to lunch, explored the charming town of Northfield - then ended back in the park - where we sat on a bench overlooking a lake and we talked - for the first time in 18 months. No matter what happens now....seeing "C" and Bofie was healing for me.....  so - you see - Madames KJ and JB really wield  magic wands....

I know all of you who were there, know what I mean.  Their home, their yard - everything about them exudes warmth, joy, love (wicked humour) - and they envelop you with it too.

I can only echo what has already been said.....meeting Laurel, Brian, Mim, Suki, Chewey and all the others (too numerous to name) filled me with such happiness...  attending "YART" was the best thing I have done for ME in a long time.  Every member of our "Blogging Family" was exactly like I thought they would be....there was no initial awkwardness - we already knew and loved one another.  Renee's spirit was close by - I felt her every day....and early one morning, I looked out my window, dawn was just breaking and a silver crescent moon was peeking through the large tree - and I thanked Renee for coming into my life when I needed her most....and helping me find the courage to reach out to all of you....  without her, I would have never met you and my life would be so much sadder and emptier.

I hope those of you who could not attend this year will be able to do so next year.  You will experience the magic too!

I could write more....but I a battling a monster sore throat and now, general achiness....  so I am off to bed.

I love you all.  And.....sigh.....I miss you all....

♥ Robin ♥