"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Monday, January 30, 2012

In Search of Foxes

Last Friday was yet another glorious sunny day in the *City by the Bay*....so, I set off on a walk with my friend Carol.  My knee is healing and it feels GREAT to walk with no pain.   Carol asked if I would like to walk to Golden Gate Park and visit the AIDS Grove.  I was sort of embarrassed to say I didn't know there even was one...so of course, I wanted to visit.  We started off...... and were following the signs that led to the Grove....when we came to the great algae-covered pond.  The pond sits amid a tree-covered grove...it is quiet....and there were no other people around....just these Ducks.....quacking to *greet us*.  They seemed quite content to swim in the greeny waters...in fact, they were *lunching* on something...perhaps they love the algae.  The place was so mysterious and old....like something out of Jurassic Park..

We passed the Ducks and headed up the path to a hill that led to the Memorial.......suddenly, the Ducks began to quack in a very different way....shrill, scared...   I immediately turned around to see what was causing it....and...there, not 20 feet from me, I was thrilled to see:

 Alas, I did not take this fox photo,  BUT, it was taken in Golden Gate Park!

I was scrambling to get my camera into focus....but Mr. Fox was too speedy for me....  the Ducks, quacking furiously, immediately swam into the centre of the pond and formed a tight circle.... the fox, decided that since two humans were also there, it wasn't worth it, so he trotted nonchalantly back into the grove of trees.  I was so delighted....he was beautiful!  Meanwhile, Carol, (who had continued walking up the hill), heard my excited voice and turned around to see what happened.  She missed it all!  (The entire encounter took all of two minutes!)  When I told her, she said, "No way....what have you been smoking?". She thought perhaps I had seen a dog....but I assured her I had seen a Red Fox.....

We continued up the hill and across a path where we finally came to the AIDS Memorial.

This is the AIDS Grove.... there are huge stones, some benches and even a small bridge around the base of the glen....they are inscribed with the names of loved ones who died from this awful disease.  It is a peaceful place...quiet, yet sad.  One can feel the emotions of loss and love. Carol and I were very moved.

 A ghostly Spider's Web, transparent, but glinting in the afternoon sun!

After our emotional trek....we decided to walk over to the de Young Fountain, to sit in the sun and recount our *adventures*......  finally, we were in the *Realm of People*.....and what did we see but this hysterically funny Segway *tour*!  *Only in San Francisco*, right?

We were also pleased to see two of the *resident mascots* of the de Young Fountain.....two turtles!  I wish I knew their names....but they have lived in the fountain for eons!  (For those of you who have been following this blog since its onset, this is the same fountain where the 13 ducklings were born two years ago...)

They were enjoying the sunshine too!

After I came home, I immediately *googled* Red Foxes in Golden Gate Park...and came across the three photos I have posted!  Apparantly, they *arrived* in the park in 2007.....  it's wonderful....sort of like living in an *Enchanted Forest*!  (You know me, I am the girl who loves *Red Riding Hood*!)

Here's the gorgeous painting I was given by the one and only Lo.....it's her version  of *Red and the Wolf*...

I leave you with yet another wonderous photo of a Fox with her Kit - taken in Golden Gate!  I hope that one day, I will be able to capture a Fox on film!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. I e-mailed Carol the Google Information!  Now, she believes me! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Animal (and Plant) Wednesday...My Day at the Conservatory of Flowers

I met a good friend today and we journeyed out to Golden Gate Park to spend a few fantastic hours in the Conservatory of Flowers.  This Victorian -inspired building was originally built in the 1880's.....but was severely damaged in 1995 when we had  a series of storms....  it took several years for the people of San Francisco to raise enough money to have it rebuilt.  I remember coming here with my parents and being awestruck at the variety of exotic plants.  
 Of course, in San Francisco, celebrating Chinese New Year is a big event! 
It's the Year of the Dragon! 
A year filled with CHANGE....with PROSPERITY!  Oh boy!

 I had to photograph this amazing (and original) floor.....isn't it GORGEOUS!

 A refelection from the stained glass onto an enormous leaf!
Come along with me to this world of beautiful plants from all round the world!

There was a special exhibit.....  intitled *Playland*.  This was a place perched right atop the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean...it featured *Carnival-type* rides...a Roller Coaster, Ferris Wheel, Diving Bell etc.  (Sort of Coney Island -like.) The Sutro Baths had a HUGE swimming pool, ice rink....  sadly, I missed all of this....just a tad too young!  A-ha-ha!  But today, I felt like I was there!

Original poster....that's 1899 my friends!

Oooh..love the swimsuit!!!

 The original sign over the entrance....darn....I thought I captured it all....but...alas, I didn't!


  A real Bumper Car....  my first time in one! 


Oooh....Carniverous plants!!! 

Yes....that's the Pineapple....  sorry it's so blurry!

  And now.....the *Animals*.....you were waiting for this, right?

Isn't Mr. Turtle adorable!!!  I love him!  He was very willing to give me a *Close-up*!!!
HAW everyone!!!!!  I hope you enjoyed my post!


♥ Robin ♥

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colours - Red

The third in my *Colours* Series....  too late for Christmas, too early for Valentines.....but, last week, as I ventured out.....wounded knee improving....I encountered so many lovely *Red* sightings....  this had to be the theme for my next post!  Oooh...I hope you enjoy them!

 Early Strawberries.....  the unusually warm weather has caused many trees to be *confused*...and begin to bloom!

An *Oh-so-red* Irish Setter!  (Isn't he gorgeous!)

I came across this in the middle of the Presidio....  hmmmm..wonder how it got there...could be an interesting story!  A-ha-ha!

 Red..that belongs in the Presidio.....


The *Red* Victorian - a great place to see old, rare movies...sadly, it just closed....


♥ *Red* Robin