"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Animal Wednesday..and a Sad Cygnet Update on Friday

I took these photos last Friday and Sunday... but, hey, I'm posting on a Wednesday!  A-ha-ha!  The past week, I have spent most of my time at the Opera House - as we begin rehearsals for our Summer Season.
(Not one animal on set...)  But, I hope you will enjoy these.....

A Wood Duck....a rare sighting in San Francisco.  Don't you love his *Tribal* Markings!

Doggies on the Beach - how fun!

Mr. Snowy Egret willingly posed!

This little fellow serenaded me on a foggy,  damp Morning.

This little Duckling was born on the same day as Cygnet #1...he and his Parents would come to *visit* the Swans....and I kept leading them away (so Blue Boy wouldn't kill them) with a trail of Cheerios!  It worked - because here is baby Duckling at 10 days old!

Of course, you KNEW I would have some Cygnet Photos...  here they are at 10 days old..

Here's the Premie...(he was the one asleep on the Lake)...I am trying NOT to have a favourite....but this little one is hard to resist!  He is still smaller than the others...

Papa Blue Boy and his *Kids*



♥ Robin ♥

On Thursday, I learned one of the Cygnets had been taken.  Devastating is an understatement.  I didn't know if it had been a Raccoon or a *Subhuman*....but today, before Opera Rehearsal, my friend Carol picked me up and we drove down to the Palace.  Yes.....although my heart didn't want to believe it, there were only three Cygnets.

 It was one of the Grey ones...  looking at the remaining Grey baby, I saw a wound on his head (look closely right behind his eye....there's a crescent-shaped patch of fun missing) ....which leads me to believe it WAS a Raccoon.  Little Grey #2 managed to escape...

Here's the *Baby*  just 10 days  old  as of yesterday....

Family Portrait - but now a Family of Five....not Six..

They all were happy to see Carol and me....they love their Cheerios and Oatmeal ....and...we fed Mama Blanche by hand...

Say a prayer there are no more snatchings...


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Cygnets - A Swan's Tale of Love *Updated*

There are a small group of us who have been waiting since Good Friday for the Swan Eggs of Blanche and Blue Boy to hatch. Last year, they had six Cygnets - including *Galahad*, the all-grey one, whom I fell in love with...

Galahad  at five months...

This year, there were five eggs in the nest....and we all watched hopefully....I was there on Sunday and Blanche was turning the eggs - which signified to me that there were living Cygnets inside....

Yesterday morning, I was listening to our Classical Music Station and they played a piece by Camille Saint-Saens called *The Swan*.  Of course, I took this as an *Omen* and dashed over to the Palace of Fine Arts.

When I arrived, Cygnet #1 was already born....a perfect, little *Fluffball*.  Mama Blanche was so proud.

Where was Papa Blue Boy?  Resting!

Our group of visitors all applauded (quietly) and congratulated them too!

Here's Cygnet #1 having his first bite of lettuce!
Blue Boy and Blanche congratulate each other on a job well done!

And then, a second Cygnet born!  (Look to the left of Blanche's Bill..)

We all *oohed and awed* over TWO Cygnets.

As I was preparing to leave, a third Cygnet was born.

No photos of #3, but today, I hope to have photos of FIVE!

It was a wonderful, miraculous day!  Our group was exhausted, as if we'd been in the Delivery Room with Blanche!

* Post Script*...Just home from another visit...one more Cygnet born...now there are FOUR!  (Still one unhatched egg..)

Happy Animal Wednesday Everyone!


♥ Robin ♥

Post Script #2....on Thursday, we sadly discovered the fifth egg contained a dead Cygnet.....so we now have the *Fluffy Gang of Four*.  Here are a few updated photos and a video for you. Baby #1 (Grey) is 4 days old, Babies #2 (Grey) & 3 (Blondish) are three days old and Baby #4 (Blondish) is 2 days old.

On the water for the first time with Mum and Dad..

Eating Cheerios from their *Godmother*...that's me!  A-ha-ha!

Blanche goes after some of the reeds in the lake bottom - she loves them and is teaching the Cygnets to love them too!

Baby #4....on his first day of life...he was a bit premature and kept falling asleep on the water..

*You lookin' at me?*

Everyone seems healthy and happy...


♥ Robin ♥

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Days..

Beautiful Spring Days of May.....  babies being born... trees, plants a'bloom...  and I know that those of you in the Northeast and Midwest are FINALLY feeling it too.

Most of us have stopped blogging on a regular basis....for one reason or another....yet, I believe our friendship endures.... LIFE is so precious - so short....  we should enjoy the beauty our World offers us... for me, no *real family* - but all of YOU....I relish all your posts...and visits to my blog.

I have 10 more days until I plunge back into the world of SF Opera...  so my time will not be as free as it is...I am enjoying Spring....and waiting expectantly for *my* Swans to become parents again! 

Here's one of my favourite photos I took last year of Blanche and her six Cygnets...

Springtime in San Francisco...

May Crescent Moon

A neighbour's Roses....and they have the most delicious fragrance!

I shot this video yesterday...not too far from my home, this Mama Duck had 10 (yes, TEN) Ducklings!  I brought them Cheerios (better for them than bread) and they devoured it!  Yes, that's me singing to them....

Happy Mother's Day to all who are Mums - be it for two or four footed *kids*!


♥ Robin ♥