"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Monday, April 30, 2012

And Now....for Something Completely Different

Yesterday, while working at the de Young, I FINALLY had the opportunity to venture into the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit - alone - to photograph some of his astounding, sometimes shocking, but always intriguing and often gorgeous designs.  I have been a fan since 1987 - when I purchased a Bronzed Lame Double-Breasted Blazer of his (with Turquoise Buttons)... he is, of course, well known for the creation of his cone-shaped bras and corsets, which Madonna wore on her "Blonde Ambition" tours.

One of the interesting and innovative creations at this exhibit - are the talking, blinking Mannequins!  I love them.  There is even one of Jean Paul!
You step up to one...and their eyes open - and VOILA - they talk

 And now....here are some of the many *still* photos I took yesterday before the crowds were let in.... I hope you open your imaginations and enjoy....

Jean Paul....the Boy..

His *first* Model, his Teddy. wearing his *first* cone-shaped bra!  Mon Dieu!

The *Man*

Part of his *Russian* Collection....when I was in my 20's-30's..and yes, even 40's...I would have worn this!

My FAVOURITE dress in the entire show....  this is my kind of Cheetah.....and nothing was killed!

One of the Talking Mannequins...

This is a Hat!  Hmmm...I could wear it to the opening night of SF Opera  IF we were doing "The Flying Dutchman".... but, we're not.....hey....though...in the Autumn, we're having "Moby Dick"..... a *Captain Ahab* special!  A-ha-ha!!!

And....you see, he does do some tailored clothes too!  I love these two ensembles!

Oooh .. la-la...Corsets - for Women AND Men!

Madonna wearing one...

And...here are two of the ones she wore on tour..

How about this one for a *Special Occasion*!  A-ha-ha!

Last....as in most Coutiere Fashion Shows....the Bridal Gown.....as only Jean Paul does it!

I had a great time shooting all of this.....  I hope you had fun looking at it!

Love,  ♥ Robin ♥

And....a postscript on the de Young Mallards....they weren't there yesterday...so I guess they decided NOT to hatch their ducklings in the fountain.....however, I was at Stow Lake on Saturday and *met* seven adorable Goslings and their parents!

Au Revoir mes Amies! ♥♥

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Animal Thursday..Sleeping in the Sun

After two days of rain...the Sun came out!  I caught two of my Furry Ones deep in sleep, basking in the Sun!  (And, of course, waiting for dinner!)

Here's Midnight!

And Mr. Orange!

They were so relaxed......I think I might go and have a nap!  A-ha-ha!


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Between the Ocean and the Forest - An Animal Wednesday Adventure

These photos were taken over the course of a wonderfully few *Magical * San Francisco  days....

I was drawn to the Beach because of the Fog Horns - moaning their mournful tones...but en route (under blue skies), I heard a beautiful voice singing Springtime songs....  look closely, and you will see this little one crooning away.

And a Hummer, checking out the Fog on the horizon...

When I reached the beach (an hour's hike)....THERE was the fog, floating though the air like Isadora Duncan's billowy scarf... it was 80 degrees though and not one hint of Wind.

I lingered, enjoying the beauty of the *mysterious fog* - which completely hid the Golden Gate Bridge.

Until.. right as I turned to leave.....something made me turn around....and there were the two towers..

Yesterday, a warm, windless, fog-less day....  I dashed to my favourite spot in Golden Gate Park....and spied this beauty, enjoying the Sun.

Near the ♥ Rock, I met a *Green Hummer*....and was thrilled to capture him in motion....look at those wings beating.....  can't you almost hear his *metallic-sounding motor* as he zooms up and down?

This is the path where I encountered the Red Fox a few months ago...  I was hoping we would meet again....but not today...

There were some Mallards though..  (I'm sure they did NOT miss *Monsieur Reynard*!)

And....a Turtle Sighting!  The first time I have ever seen one in this pond!


This is my *Magical Forest*....I spent an hour just lost in all the beauty....hardly anyone who visits the Park comes here...most, don't know it exists...and...I'm not telling!  

One more photo....*my* Furry Feral Boys.....waiting for their dinner!

May you all have a lovely Animal Wednesday - wherever you are.


♥ Robin ♥

Friday, April 20, 2012

Foghorns and Mr. Mockingbird

I awoke to sunshine....but, the basso voices of the Foghorns were strong and close...so I dashed up to my rooftop and filmed the scene......low lying fog all up and down the Coast...the GG Bridge completely hidden.....as I scanned the horizon....if you listen closely, you will hear Mr. Mockingbird serenading the neighbourhood.  He's here - but so far, not on my street....  

The second video shows (if you look closely) Mr. Mocker  (atop the tree). 
I KNOW  Spring really is here when he arrives.

Here he is.....I took this back in 2009.....

I hope you enjoy the videos....


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Animal Wednesday.....They're Back!

Sunday, I was working at the de Young and who was there?  Mr. and Mrs. Mallard....  two years ago, they decided the de Young Fountain was the optium place to hatch their 13 Ducklings.... it was one of the first posts I ever did....  last year, they did not show up.....  so I am especially happy to see them again!  I'll keep you posted......

Here's Mrs. Mallard and some of the 2010 babies...(they are perched on the inside ledge of the Fountain).



♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Animal Wednesday - A Walk on the *Wild* Side..AND A VIDEO!

As some of you who read other blogs from the West  know, while you *Easterners* have been basking in a glorious March/April, we have been deluged with cold, rain, wind, hail...  sigh....  so, on Monday, as I knew it was the ONLY non-rainy day this week, I rang my friend Carol, and we set out to *explore* the wilds of Stow Lake.....*armed* with two loaves of bread and my camera.

Here are some of the *Creatures* we encountered..

This extraordinary turtle......I have never seen anything like him before...he is HUGE..his shell is almost armoured...he has golden eyes and a snout....he looks almost prehistoric.... anyuone know what he is?  (There were a pair.....but the other one was in the reeds and I couldn't get a clear photo..)

 And...now, below..my first video of a "Wild Critter" sighting....closing in on a Red Slider Turtle...who was non-plussed by my *closing in* on him!

A trio of Canadian Geese!  They flew in together....and immediately *posed* for us - and for the bread!


 Love those webbed feet!

Further around the lake, as I was hunting for Stellar Jays...I heard a *splash* in the water.... at first, I couldn't see anything....so I tossed some bread in.....and was surprised to see six Catfish and one, lone Koi..(white and red)!

Who knew they liked bread!  They *fought* for the pieces, tails plashing the water....it was wonderful to see them!  Wish I could have captured them more clearly - but they were quick.....

 Try to imagine the music from *Jaws*!!!  A-ha-ha!  They made enough commotion that the Ducks left!!!

Further on....we met this peaceful pair....  many couples here....I expect the lake to have a lot of Ducklings - soon!

Then.....we heard it.....the almost *other-wordly* call of the Red Winged Blackbird!  It's difficult to describe....but very distinct...  we saw him above us....

Come on....*pose for me*!!!


We also encountered this sweet-voiced little Sparrow....who serenaded us for a while!

Rounding the lake....still no Stellar Jays....we met this *Ferocious* denizen of the Lake!  Who DEMANDED....peanuts!  Sadly, we didn't have any - and he turned his nose up at our bread!  (Little Gourmet *Snob*!) 

Another brave *Adventurer* happened by just then....with peanuts - so the day was saved! 

Oh....before I leave....I must show you a photo I took last month of a Stellar Jay!  Isn't he gorgeous!!!  Now you know why I was back on another quest to photograph him again.