"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fifty Days of Grey

Well, perhaps not FIFTY....but getting very close to it...  a particularly brutal *Mini-Winter* for this girl...imagine waking up to grey.....24/7... no Sun, no Moon, no Stars.....just grey....

Mr. Pelican *Races* a Ferry Boat.  In the far distance, you will see some BLUE..yes, across any of the Bridges, it's 10-20 degrees warmer.

Still, it's especially wonderful to see something bright growing right at the edge of the water..

Even *my* Mockingbird's spirit is down...he doesn't sing as much...

Baby Grebes with Papa...

 A *fiery* Dahlia brings warmth....  at least to the eye!

A wonderful name for a boat!

But nothing beats the real thing!  The Cygnets are now two months old!

An unusual mushroom...lovely looking - rather like a fan!

During my hike yesterday, I was delighted to photograph Mr. Hawk, soaring right up and out over the Pacific....

NO SUN forecasted for (at least) another week....  please send me some!  

♥Love, a cold  and somewhat sad Robin♥

Friday, July 19, 2013

*Corvid Wednesday*...for my Raven Sisters

I *met* these four Ravens on Wednesday....they were flying all round my neighbourhood - cawing LOUDLY!  So, I had to go up on my roof and film them....  I was surprised when they decided to join me *up on the roof* and played *hide and seek*! So, without further ado....my video *An Unkindness of Ravens*!  


♥ Robin ♥

Thursday, July 11, 2013

San Francisco Summer Opera

Our Summer Season came to an end this past Sunday...and what an ending... Catholic Church *Protests* about the *blasphemous* production of Mark Adamo's *The Gospel of Mary Magdalene*!

But, I digress....

Here are some photos (on-stage by Cory Weaver) of our three productions.

*Cosi fan tutte* - Mozart's Opera about fidelity - or the lack of!  A lovely set (WWI - on the Rivera)...

 Jos, I know you are fond of this Opera..... these are all for you!

*The Tales of Hofmann*....by Jacques Offenbach.  You who are FB Friends with me already know how much I adore this opera!  I didn't care for the set....BUT....the glorious singing and orchestral music!  I tried to see both rehearsals and performances as much as possible...(8)!!!

Poor *Poet* Hoffmann....looking for love and he keeps falling for the wrong women..

#1 Love - Olympia - a lifesized Doll!

#2...the ailing Antonia...a real woman...but her fragile heart gives out in the end..

We were so fortunate to have the great French Soprano, Natalie Dessay, sing *Antonia*!

One of the scenes for ACT II (Antonia's Act)..here you see James Creswell (on the left) as Antonia's Father, Christian Van Horn the *Evil Dr. Miracle*,  in the centre (he ultimately destroys Antonia) and Matthew Pollenzani as Hoffman on the extreme right.

Giuletta - a Venetian Courtesan..also dies..because Hoffmann is tricked into running her through with a sword. (Christian Van Horn swings a large diamond necklace in triumph as the Chorus malevolently laughs at Hoffmann despairs over what he has done..  this act contains the famous (most of you - even non-Opera lovers will recognise this melody) Barcarole.

I HAD to *model* one of the Top Hats our Men's Chorus wore in the production! 

Here are a few photos from *Mary Magdalene*...this was a World Premiere.. (and to me, a disappointing one because of the banal libretto and weak score).  The cast was solid - but all their efforts were wasted. Still, I applaud Mr. Adamo for writing this and our General Director, David Gockley for  mounting the production.  Opera needs to move forward - like all the Arts!

Of course, the subject matter was extremely controversial to some..

And on the final day of the Season, the Catholic Church had a small group (10) of protesters outside the Opera House.

But, to me...this is ART....not fact....  so, everyone backstage managed to have fun and enjoy the end of our Summer Season!  

Now,  I'm Opera-free for six weeks - and then we plunge into our longer Autumn Season!  I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my world!


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Animal (and Flower) Wednesday

Hah!  I'm pushing the boundaries..because it's already Thursday where some of you live...but, a-ha-ha...still Wednesday here on the West Coast.  So, without further ado....as time is *ticking*..my photos!
The Flowered Clock is TICKING!  ♥

The Tortoise Sundial!  Especially for Mim!

And here's the real thing!

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Mr. Snout-Nosed Turtle AND Friends!

A heart-shaped Cactus...

Summer Flowers....

 Two female Wood Ducks... I saw my first Male Wood Duck a few months ago.. now, I have learned to recognise them!  ♥

I saw this wonderful doggie enjoying splashing with a sprinkler!

And I KNOW you were wondering about the Cygnets....well, here they are at FIVE weeks....

Mama Blanche suddenly lost one of her feathers.....and...I HAD to have it..  BUT...

Mr. Seagull beat me to it...

Until he grew bored, let it go and it drifted over to me!  Now, it's mine! 

Tick-Tock....Tick-Tock.....8:30 p.m. here....whew...I made it!  



♥ Robin ♥