"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Galahad's Tale

Ah, I am here, after another *Invasion Session*....tonight, another *Moby Dick*...(what will I do to keep sane when Opera Season ends...)?  Particularly as my beloved Galahad, the Grey Swan, is gone. Nothing bad has happened to him....but, as he is a Male...(and so are three of his siblings), he was taken out of state by the breeder about 10 days ago.  This was done because Blue Boy - the resident Palace of Fine Arts Male Swan - was about to begin attacking the other young males....  I was warned about this a few months ago...but hoped *my* Galahad would just be moved to another lake nearby. Not so.  I have been assured by the head of the Park Services that he is well and now has a large, watery home where he can be the *King* he so deserves to be.  It was an ironic last meeting for us a week before he left.. he was on the grass, sleeping, when I  came by...I sat down, about two feet from him..and he didn't budge.  After seeing me from two days old to five months....I know he recognised me - and my voice...so had no fear.  It was a wet, foggy, SF day...but we had an hour together and I took a lot of photos...   I  feel so blessed to have seen him as baby, fuzzy Cygnet...and to have watched him grow into a beautiful, Grey Swan...he is *morphing* into a White One..though...(see my last photo)...I will miss him....always.

So, here is my album of Galahad.

Two days old....  I wandered around and around the lake, hoping the Cygnets would make their first *public appearance*....  I was not disappointed!  Galahad was the first one to enter the water - while Papa Blue Boy watches...

You can clearly see Galahad....right in the middle..

Love this photo!

It doesn't get sweeter than this...

Almost two months old...

Family Outing

Grooming Time

Hey....are you taking MY picture?

I'm *outta* here...

Three Months Old

Enough photos...I want to nap!

One of the last Family Outings...

I fed them oatmeal..it is much healthier than bread....  don't they resemble submarines!  

Galahad is beginning to turn WHITE!

Final Photo Session... four days before he was taken away..

Galahad's Tail!

Watching him grow up was a marvelous experience.....I learned a lot about Cygnets - and Swans.  I will always remember the beautiful, Grey Swan.
Galahad, may you have a long, healthy and joyous life!

I hope you enjoyed these photos...


♥ Robin ♥

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Little *Knightly* Humour

Although *Lohengrin* doesn't play a prominent part in this scene...he IS one of the Python Knights!  I love this scene!

And now, a little bit of our current production of "Lohengrin".

Hmm.....alas...nothing very Medieval about this.....it's set in Hungary in the 1950's... YUCK!  But, the singing is beautiful...the Orchestra is beautiful...  
I sit there for 4 1/2 hours and just close my eyes and listen. Although a Swan plays a prominent part in Wagner's Opera...here, he is hard-pressed to be found...  I am on a *quest* backstage to take a photo for you all.

My life is still very stress-filled... *Invaders* - as Marianne says, almost daily, checking out my apartment, touching MY drapes, walking over my carpets...it's awful - living in uncertainty.  But, thankfully, now at SF Opera, I segue between productions of *Moby Dick* (which I ADORE) and *Lohengrin*...(ah, the Music). This - and all of your love and support helps keep me strong and sane!


♥ Robin ♥

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Friday Potpourri of Photos

As most of you who follow this blog know, last week I learned the building where I have lived (on and off...but paid rent ) for 18 years is now up for sale. Life has taken a definite turn ....

But, I AM a survivor.  The past four years, meeting many of you (first and foremost Renee) have taught me how to stand up for myself, to try not to be fearful...and to believe in ME.....and YOU..my true friends.

So, here are a few of the photos I have taken in the past week to prove just that....I AM moving ahead with my life....I am living it to the fullest while I wait to see what will happen to my home.

Taken at the German Consulate last Sunday with Jay Hunter Morris, *Captain  Ahab* in our current production of *Moby Dick* and *Siegfried* in the Met's HD Broadcasts.
 On my hike today - a foggy, drizzily day...

Enroute - down the *easy part* of the Lyon Street Steps

Mr. Starling prepares to sings for me...  (ah, I know, I should have recorded his song.....)

Pelican #1

A ship appears under the Golden Gate (trust me, the bridge is there)...

Pelican #2

Two of Lo's Ever-present Ravens atop Ft. Point under the Golden Gate Bridge....guess they felt the warning sign didn't apply to them!  A-ha-ha!

The misty view from the Bridge...

The view from the other side....


A Tern, asleep.....look at that one-legged position!

I saw something I wanted to photograph..so I had to cross this little bridge....much to the displeasure of the Gulls! (Believe me, they let me know they were NOT pleased!)

Pelican #3

Mr. Snowy Egret has an itch!

Pelican #3  closer....

Rare (at least for me, to see 2 Egrets together....perhaps Mum and Babe)?

Pelican #3..from the other side..he was so kind to wait for me!

Enroute to the Lyon Street Steps and home.....I stopped to see Blanche and Blue Boy - the parents of the six Cygnets.  They were hard at work - grooming! (My beloved Galahad - the grey Cygnet and his three brothers are no longer here....I found out what happened to them - and will post about it soon.  They are ALL OK.)

Blanche in all her glory...... It's *Swan Lake* and *Lohengrin* combined!

Lastly...I came across the gorgeous lilac-coloured plant with it's carpet of fallen petals....  ah, so inspiring!

Posts will be a little scarce these days..between Opera performances....and waiting to see what happens with my home...well...I think you can understand.  Please keep me in your prayers.

Love to each and every one,

♥ Robin ♥