"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Galahad's Tale

Ah, I am here, after another *Invasion Session*....tonight, another *Moby Dick*...(what will I do to keep sane when Opera Season ends...)?  Particularly as my beloved Galahad, the Grey Swan, is gone. Nothing bad has happened to him....but, as he is a Male...(and so are three of his siblings), he was taken out of state by the breeder about 10 days ago.  This was done because Blue Boy - the resident Palace of Fine Arts Male Swan - was about to begin attacking the other young males....  I was warned about this a few months ago...but hoped *my* Galahad would just be moved to another lake nearby. Not so.  I have been assured by the head of the Park Services that he is well and now has a large, watery home where he can be the *King* he so deserves to be.  It was an ironic last meeting for us a week before he left.. he was on the grass, sleeping, when I  came by...I sat down, about two feet from him..and he didn't budge.  After seeing me from two days old to five months....I know he recognised me - and my voice...so had no fear.  It was a wet, foggy, SF day...but we had an hour together and I took a lot of photos...   I  feel so blessed to have seen him as baby, fuzzy Cygnet...and to have watched him grow into a beautiful, Grey Swan...he is *morphing* into a White One..though...(see my last photo)...I will miss him....always.

So, here is my album of Galahad.

Two days old....  I wandered around and around the lake, hoping the Cygnets would make their first *public appearance*....  I was not disappointed!  Galahad was the first one to enter the water - while Papa Blue Boy watches...

You can clearly see Galahad....right in the middle..

Love this photo!

It doesn't get sweeter than this...

Almost two months old...

Family Outing

Grooming Time

Hey....are you taking MY picture?

I'm *outta* here...

Three Months Old

Enough photos...I want to nap!

One of the last Family Outings...

I fed them oatmeal..it is much healthier than bread....  don't they resemble submarines!  

Galahad is beginning to turn WHITE!

Final Photo Session... four days before he was taken away..

Galahad's Tail!

Watching him grow up was a marvelous experience.....I learned a lot about Cygnets - and Swans.  I will always remember the beautiful, Grey Swan.
Galahad, may you have a long, healthy and joyous life!

I hope you enjoyed these photos...


♥ Robin ♥


  1. Ah how sad they took him away, but so glad you KNOW he is alright. Do you know what State? Will you try to bond with another there or are there anymore gray ones? What fun to see one grow up tho. HAW

  2. What a poignant story in photos and how lucky you were to had befriended all these beauties. I love looking at this post, brought lots of smiles to my face.


  3. Aw, these are wonderful!!! What a perfect "swan song" for him to be taken to a safe haven.

    Great shots LS! I know you'll miss him, but I also know you're happy for his safety.


  4. They are beautiful. I hope Galahad raises a nice family of his own.

  5. we love to watch the swans, and what powerful birds they are. I'm sure Galahad will grow up to be a strong bird, with his own little family.