"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of August *Hodgepodge*

Today is the last day of August.  I can't say I am sorry to see her depart....it has been a long, cold, grey month...(except for my time in the Valley of the Moon)!

There were some lovely days though..and even a few nights last week, where Mr. Fog did NOT creep in and I saw La Bella Luna.  I have hopes that September will bring some Golden Sunshine to San Franciscans!

Autumnal Afternoon Light......

The leaves beginning to  gently change....


Two Stellar Jays in a *tiff* because the one in the foreground *stole* the one in the background's peanut!  Look at his *Punkish Topknot*....he is not amused!

Mr. Bee imbibes....

I met this *Ferocious Beast* near Stow Lake.... 5 weeks old!

Look a the little *Footsie* peeking out behind the rock on the left!

The August Full Blue Moon.....minus one..

The night of the actual Full Moon, we were fogged in...but on the second night - Voila!

A few hours later, the clouds rolled in....

 And.....of course, the Swans!

Blanche and Blue Boy - proud parents

Cygnet Nap Time
The *Little* Grey one....three months old now....

The *Preemie*  still just a tad smaller than his brother...

So happy to turn the calendar page tomorrow!


♥ Robin ♥

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Visit to the Valley of the Moon

My dear friend Joyce invited me up *North* to her beautiful home located in the Valley of the Moon for a few days of Sunshine and WARM...  no, HOT - weather!  It was heavenly....walking in shorts and sandals, no scarves, boots, hats, gloves etc.  PLUS, I got to spend time with Mimi, Joyce's oh-so-intelligent Border Collie/Blue Healer mix.

Autumn is on her way....

Mimi, waiting for Auntie Robin to finish her morning coffee so we can go for a LONG WALK!

"Come on, *Slowpoke*.......I've been ready for 10 minutes!"

There are many Deer..and this is the time for Fawns to be born....  I managed to capture this little guy suckling his Mum... it was hard to centre the photo - carrying a *Poop Bag* and having Mimi on a lead so she could not chase them...

Then, off to visit my *Friends* - the Woodpeckers!  The last time I was here, it was Winter and their tree was quite bare....

December, 2012

August, 2013

As soon as Mimi and I stood below their tree, they both flew out to the street light - and let me know *they were NOT amused* by our presence!

Autumn is beginning to weave her tapestry...

Joyce and I went to buy some more flowers for her patio......are you surprised I chose these?  A-ha-ha!

Ah.....and, I saw La Bella Luna for the first time in TWO MONTHS!  Needless to say, I was out every night taking photos!

Venus, saying *hello*.....

It was emotionally healing to sleep with all the windows open at night (it was in the high 80's/low 90's every day), falling asleep to the serenade of Crickets.....

Too soon, it was time to return to San Francisco....and as we approached the Golden Gate.... look what *greeted* me!


Sigh....  oh well, Opera Rehearsals begin on Friday...so I will be too busy to notice the Fog!


♥ Robin ♥

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Racing on the Bay

San Francisco is hosting this year's America's Cup next month - but this month, the Louis Vuitton Cup is being held as sort of a *warm-up* for these fantastic, sleek boats.  Last year, the boats were here and I happened to be down at the Bay when they raced......I fell in love.

This year, I made a point to go again and take some photo and videos to share with you.

There were only two competitors for this particular race.....

Artemis, the Swedish Boat, races past Alcatraz

Luna Rossa (Red Moon), the Italian Boat

San Francisco Bay, though stunningly beautiful, can also be very dangerous.  All that fog and wind throughout the year can bring deadly results.  Last December, the American Boat, Oracle, was smashed right under the Golden Gate Bridge - totally destroyed...but thankfully, no one was injured.

In June, the Swedes were not so fortunate. Artemis was capsized due to the heavy waves....and one of her crew was killed.   The boat was repaired and the team decided to go ahead, in honour of their lost teammate, and compete.

Luna Rossa sails past the Golden Gate

Here comes Artemis!

Artemis closing in....

The boats go unbelievably fast...and when they turn, they do so on one rudder, the other completely out of the water...like a motorcycle doing *wheelies*... it's scary - but thrilling!

Here are a few videos I took so you get a feel of what it looks and sounds like...

Yes.....you CAN see blue sky and sunshine...the fog disappeared for a few hours....  since then, back to Greyness.....


♥ Robin ♥