"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Blondes in the City by the Bay

 Here is Marianne, looking unbelievably fresh after an 11 hour flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco!

Of course, being Marianne, she came with wonderful gifts!

This gorgeous scarf for my handbag - from Hermes!

And this beautiful silk jewelry pouch from China....  gee, how did she know LILAC is my favourite colour?

We dashed off to do some SHOPPING!  After a bit, it was time to stop for a cocktail!  (A Ginger Manhattan and Pomegranate Martini!  Yummy!)

The last time we were here, it was raining...so it was especially lovely to sit, bathed in Sunlight!

Marianne writing a post card to our dear Lo in Rhode Island.

Then, time for more Shopping!  Then dinner at a favourite Thai Restaurant.  (See Marianne's Blog for photos.) 

The next morning....time for breakfast..

Then, a quick trek to the Post Office to mail a package of Licorice to a *certain someone*.....it was heavy!!!!!

Whew!  Then, it was time to say *Au Revoir*.....Marianne had a flight home to catch and I was off to another Opera Rehearsal.  Life is so amazing....how wonderful that our Blogs have enabled us to make such beautiful and meaningful friendships!

Marianne....I miss you already...but I know we will meet again!

Love to all,

♥ Robin ♥

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Colour Series - Pink

Continuing on with my series on Colours....these were taken during the last four months...and I am just getting around to
 sharing them!

Only 7 Million $$$!

Tossed out on the curb...waiting for new owners!

Pink Sunset.....

Lonely Pink Ribbon, dangling on a fence...

Pink Spring Blossoms....

Little Pink *Critters*

And last.....a *Pink Robin*......a-ha-ha...I couldn't resist!


♥ Robin ♥

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Swan Lake

I'm posting this a bit early as tomorrow will be a busy day....

Last week, just back from NY, I heard that the two *Resident Swans*, who live in the Palace of Fine Arts Lake, (and whose photographs I took a few weeks back - not knowing they were expecting), became the proud parents of six Cygnets (baby Swans).  We in SF don't have many Swans - let alone babies....so, this past weekend, I hiked down with my camera, hoping to *meet* them.

I circled the lake, no Swans in sight....  it was early though.....so I kept strolling, hoping.....and suddenly, I heard some gentle *honks*...... Papa appeared....and one by one, the Cygnets descended into the water...

Mama came at the end....making sure everyone was there!

Okay......everybody in?  Let's go....

The babies are always varying shades of grey and fuzzy beyond belief. After their first year, they begin to turn snowy white.

The parents continued to make comforting honking sounds and the babies *peeped - non-stop* rather like Ducklings or Goslings...

The Beautiful Family *Flotilla*

Drifting out into the centre of the Lake.....time for breakfast!

Ummm...found some delicious reeds to nibble!

Aren't they beautiful!


Dear friends, on Thursday, SF Opera rehearsals begin....yes....(sorry for those of you who don't like my Operatic Posts).... time to report on all the goings-on's backstage for our three Summer Operas:

1. *Nixon in China*....(yes, this is a real opera)
2. *Attila*
3. *The Magic Flute

 If you are having a stressful day....just think about those Swans......


♥ Robin ♥

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Animal Wednesday...... Meet Bofie, My L♥ve!

Here he is....*my* 12 year old Chocolate Lab.....Bofie!  He's getting a bit grey around his muzzle...and is slowing down a tad.....but, when my Ex opened the door to his apartment last Saturday..... the *Beefball* (our pet name for him) jumped for joy and showered me with Bofie-kisses.

I brought him another of his FAVOURITE toys....a WABBITT!  (Sorry Emily!)  For some reason, Bofie adores this Bunny - which my Ex and I named *Winston* waaaay back.  Every time *Winston* needed to be replaced, his number went up..... so now, after a few years absence from each other, we are at "Winston #9*....

Disemboweling the Bunny....

A proud *Papa* and his *son*.....  we have had our share of relationship problems....but one thing always remained steadfast.....their love for each other.  My Ex is a wonderful Dad.


Love to all,

♥ Robin ♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Bites From the Big Apple

More Central Park Photos

The Carousel....this is for you, Lo!

Inside the Metropolitan Museum

Inside the Egyptian Room, gazing out through the window and seeing some blue sky!  In yesterday's post, you saw this window, shot from the outside....this entire section of the Museum is shaped as a pyramid!

Part of the Temple of  Dendur, discovered in the 1880's..... it is quite large - you can walk inside and see some of the 1800 version of graffiti.... consisting of the archaeologists etching their names on the inside walls!

My most adored piece in the entire Museum.....the Tiffany Fountain.

It consists of thousands of mosaic tiles.....they form this lovely portrait of an Italian Villa, complete with Swans.  In the centre, there is a real fountain which splashes gently..... years ago, as a child, I was given a journal with a reproduction of this fountain on the cover. I remember my first visit to the Met, turning a corner and - gasp - there was *my Fountain*.....  I was in love!  I would visit it regularly any time I was at the museum....until four years ago, it was moved into storage.....  you can imagine my delight when I found it was back!

A close-up of some of the fountain detail..

Here are some more Tiffany *Jewels*

There was also a special exhibit of Albrecht Durer, the famous German Painter, Printsman and Art Theorist.  I loved seeing some of his astounding work.

And....a fabulous exhibit featuring the astounding designs of Elsa Schiaprelli and Miuccia Prada.  Though 50 years separate these two ladies, there are similarities in their concept of how to clothe women - and yes, some men too.  I was amused to see that some of the Mannequins moved their eyes and smiled like the ones in Jean Paul Gaultier's Exhibit.  (But, alas, they didn't talk!)

The exhibit just opened the day prior to my being there.....and...ironically (and proving just what a *small world* it really is), as I was exiting the exhibit, I heard someone call out *Robin*......I looked around - and there was one of my SF Opera Colleagues!  She was in NY to see *The Ring* and a few plays....  Now the Met is a HUGE museum...and the odds of our meeting there - at that precise moment - was too funny!

The other Museum I visited is also a favourite - the Frick.

The Frick Collection includes some of the best-known paintings by the greatest European artists, major works of sculpture (among them one of the finest groups of small bronzes in the world), superb eighteenth-century French furniture and porcelains, Limoges enamels and oriental rugs. The Frick Collection was founded by Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), the Pittsburgh coke and steel industrialist. At his death, Mr. Frick bequeathed his New York mansion and the most outstanding of his many art works to establish a public gallery for the purpose of “encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts.”  I love to spend an afternoon here...it is much smaller than the Met but just lovely....a real jewel box of a museum.

The Inner Garden Courtyard.....one can sit here and dream away.....or rest one's feet after a day of absorbing all of this art!

Back in Central Park....  I had hoped to catch the beautiful Lamps that dot the park as they begin to shine, *Glow-Worm like* at twilight....they are even more beautiful when it is dark out....but I was tired and needed to return to my hotel, take my shoes off and have a glass of wine....so this is the best i could do!

And....there was some time for.....Shopping!  My favourite store in all the world - and that includes Harrods!  Bergdorf Goodman!!!  I did buy two things....a sweater and a dress....of course, my Bergdorf's account was inactive after four years.....but....the sales associate quickly *re-activated* me.....and I was off, carrying my coveted Lilac Shopping Bag!  A-ha-ha!

So here I am home....in the Foggy City By the Bay....  but I had a glorious time...and here are some of my *souvenirs*!

Tomorrow....my meeting with Bofie!  (You KNOW I had to save that for Animal Wednesday!)


♥ Robin ♥