"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Friday, May 20, 2011

A "Ring" Update

No, "Notes from Valhalla" is NOT another blog of mine..... but I love the header..so I borrowed it!   I wanted to share a little of what my life has revolved around the past ten days (EXCEPT for two AMAZING days in  LA with Marianne - and Frida)....  from 4-10 every day, I have lived, breathed and experienced the creation of a soon-to-be-famous SF Opera Ring!  Here are a few moments from rehearsals...

The Gods entering Valhalla - the end of "Das Rheingold" - the first of the 4 "Ring" Operas.

The Giants, Fafner and Fasolt, make off with Freia, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Youth. (Das Rheingold)  (You really should look at my post a few weeks ago - with the Anna Russell explanation of "The Ring".)

Here are our "Giants"....this is why they "might be Giants"....hard to walk like that!  A-ha-ha!

Even the little items have been specially created for SF Opera!  For "Siegfried" - here is Rheingold Bier....just what Mime and Siegfried drink outside their trailer!

Setting the stage for "Siegfried"  ACT I! 

Mime....the "evil Dwarf" - who raised Siegfried.....  portrayed by the wonderful singer and actor - David Cangelosi!  A funny and charming guy!  (And, he likes my coffee!)

Siegfried and Nothung (his magical sword)....in rehearsal.

Mime in his trailer...(the Rheingold Beer is just a little to the left and out of the shot....

The set for Götterdämmerung - ACT II.

One MUST have a sense of humour about this......

Still, it means a lot to me....  of all the Operas in the world (and there are many) - there is only ONE "Ring" - and it doesn't come along all that often!
So, I am enjoying every minute!


♥ Robin ♥


  1. I just love going back stage with you. The giants are a riot. Everything stupendous, the beer, the trailor the mist in the sidebar photo. Wow!

  2. i love the giants and after listening to the post a few weeks ago with what's-her-name explaining the whole thing - I understand it better and love it !!(from afar)

  3. robin, this is fantastic. everything about this is fantastic.

    what a great experience for you. i am fascinated to 'see' the production take shape. i know nothing about the ring but i am eager to learn.

    your blog looks fantastic too. i think you have darkened your fonts and maybe your background? whatever the case, easy to read and easy to behold

    have fun!

  4. Ah Robin, you are immersing yourself in what you love so of course your enthusiasm is just infectious. I love all the piccies and the sense of peeping behind the scenes. There is indeed only one "Ring". I'm glad the build up is going well. Enjoy! xx Jos

  5. How I wish I could have been there to see this - I love the theater. I love the drama and excitement. To me there's nothing like live performances. Glad you enjoyed your visit in LA :-)

  6. Hey I read this a few days ago but forgot to comment.......
    I am so happy for you! This looks like it will be such a happening!
    And that last picture just brings back fun memories (are you sure there is not a naked guy behind that newspaper....???????) HAHAHA! Just told the story now to Germain.

    You enjoy all the rehearsals and all that goes with it.

    So happy my visit was so well timed and that you could come to LA exactly in the weekend you were off. Yeah sometimes you are just lucky:)

    Have a nice day dear!

  7. i always love to read your opera posts -- such intelligent insight - i always come away feeling that much more informed!! thanks for this backstage tour of the ring and all the sturm und drang!!!



    p.s. those giants are darn scary looking!!

  8. That was really interesting. I need some of those Giant boots.