"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Animal Wednesday

I am actually combining two days worh of Animal Sightings!  These photos were all taken on March 2nd and 4th....gloriously warm days.

I wandered back to the *Magical Grove* where I encountered Monsieur Reynard last month - in the hopes we would *meet again*....alas, no fox....BUT, I did meet this enchanting Blue Egret..... I love this *discovery* of mine....no one, it seems, ever visits here....so it is beloved by animals!

 Okay - not a real *Animal*....but a large Chess *Knight* piece that helps hold up a Gazebo where people
can sit and play chess!

Spring IS coming...

I loved seeing this Ivy climb up the tree.....  near my *Magical Grove*.. 

Don 't they look like they are glowing from within.... 

 A few of the Bison who live in the park....there are now ten (I counted them)....including six babies...but I couldn't get a clear shot of them ....without the protective fence obstructing my view.

My *Masterpiece* Photo!

This little Hummer decided he WANTED to pose....so willingly sat while I clicked away! I was THRILLED to see parts of his head and throat were a brilliant, metallic Magenta....and I was able to capture it when the sun shone on him just so...

Here he is without the sun reflecting on his gorgeous throat....still spectacular!

Blurry....but I had to include it...

He sat there for (at least) a minute...while I  clicked away!  Then, he soared straight up into the sky and *zoomed* away!  I'm still in awe remembering it....

 Mr. Squirrel....looking for food!  (I forgot to bring something with me.....so sorry *Squirrely*...)

Mr. Squirrel says: A-ha-ha - Emma, the *Squirrel Huntress* is not here to chase me!

Mr. Mallard has a gorgeous teal neck too.....but the photo blurred...and I didn't want to take more as I already disturbed him from his afternoon siesta...

A small *Armada*...

Lastly....I have to leave you with a photo I didn't take.....  it's Koa, the Goldie, and *Star* of SF Opera's *Heart of a Soldier*.  Sunday night, our local Classical Radio station re-broadcast the opera...and Koa's *Dad*, Rodney, sent me this photo of Koa as he *prepares* to listen to his *solo*...(he barked on cue)!

I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful Animal Wednesday!


♥ Robin ♥


  1. What a beautiful photo post Robin! I would love to walk through all the woods and meet up with the *residents*.
    Lucky YOU with the Hummer! WOW~~what color!
    The final photo says it all.....rest, good music, a nap.....life is good!


  2. Oh what a fun post Robin. I think we are having the same weather pattern as you are having. sunny and warm weekend and rain and wind and snow..not sticking and hail. Cold anyways. That first bird is a Great Blue Heron. I love those guys and the hummer looks to be an Annas hummer. they are here all winter and all summer. Pretty when the sun shines on them like that. Thanks for you comment. my neck and back are doing better. one more therapy treatment on Friday and I hope to be good to go again. xoxo Cris

  3. amazing grove you have discovered and super amazing to find a hummer just sitting. Wow. And love that photo of Koa with his headphones. Just too cute.

  4. Great shots!
    I've yet to ever be able to photograph a hummingbird, these are just wonderful!

    The doggie,,,,too cool!

  5. oh my that hummingbird! amazing that he stayed put for you like that. wow!

    too much going on for me these days to keep up with anykind of blogging obligation - but I'll try again soon

  6. An animal journey and what surprises! I've witnesses some migratory birds lately and it's a delight!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  7. what park is near you that has bison???? this is SO cool!!

    and amazing hummingbird shots - they are my favorites!!!


  8. What a beautiful area. HAW again. :)

  9. Wow I have seen the pictures before in Panama but didn't comment then.
    What a lovely day! what beautiful scenery's and animals! enough ingredients for a perfect day and AW!
    Hope you are doing fine dear ;)