"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magical Santa Fe, Opera and of course....Bofie!

Ah....Santa Fe. She was just as magical, as lovely as I remember from my last visit four years ago.

The Church of Saint Francis....  a favourite place of mine to reflect, light candles, say prayers for everyone.

The Russian Sage is everywhere.....it's beautiful LILAC colour is gorgeous.

Of course, I immediately saw some things that reminded me of dear friends...

Chris and I were driving to the Plaza (the Downtown area) when  I spotted this car's license plate...."Quick"...I said, "Hurry and catch up so I can snap a photo for Lo"!

And.....of course, the real Raven!

I wish I had time to enter this gallery that featured authentic photographs of Frida.....

And...here she is....once again.... inspiring a window in Santa Fe!  Senorita *Emilita* gets around!

I have always adored this sculpture of Saint Francis and the Prairie Dog.

Hmmm....snowing in Santa Fe in June?

No....it's a Cottonwood Tree......every June, it blossoms and sheds it's snow-like blossoms everywhere. The streets, the curbs, one's hair is covered in it's magical whiteness!  I must have snapped 10 photos before I caught the *snow flurries*!

Another "Mim-fish"!  He looks like he is dreaming of the Ocean.....it is very dry here!

Okay....time to drive to the Opera....after all, this may be a holiday for me...but Chris is working!

The freeways are all designed with various Indian motifs.....

And here we are....pulling in to the Opera House parking lot....it's pretty empty - because the season hasn't officially begun....it's rehearsal time.

The Opera House is located atop a high hill - with vistas of the Sangre de Christo Mountains on both sides.

No one here but the singers, the Director, the Maestro, the designers, the Technical Crew....and me.

The official poster for *The Pearl Fishers*....the first rehearsal I saw.

The stage is open in the back..making for dramatic entrances and exits in the night.  Every opera begins at Sunset...and often you can see thunder and lightning in the distance....

Waaaay up stage, you can see a boat...this will be the form of transportation for the Princess Leila to arrive (from the sea) to greet her *people*...this opera takes place somewhere in the South Seas....

A piano rehearsal....no orchestra, and most of the cast not in costume....  except the *Princess* who was trying out her red veil as she is carried over the stage.

Second day of rehearsals...  the weather changed (it had been 90 and blazingly hot....but not humid...)......I was hoping for a thunderstorm and some rain....  but though the clouds threatened...the rain never appeared.

Chris' silver hair on the right side....  I had to take photos *stealthily*..... for those of you who know the story of *Tosca*...yes, she did *jump* off the Castel Saint Angelo at the back of the stage.....very dramatic!

Chris and me....rehearsals done for the week...off to see Bofie!

"Ah.....they're finally home!  It's so hot....but those tiles keep a big, thick-furred guy like me cool!"

Bofie has always curled his front paws like a cat!  He did this as a puppy too.

Monday, my last day in Santa Fe, Chris took me to the Plaza Cafe.....  where 
I could enjoy my FAVOURITE Blue Corn Pinon Pancakes.......  yummy!!!!

My last day in Santa Fe....giving Bofie a kiss.... one of millions we exchanged..

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed visiting Santa Fe with me!

I know this is a long post....but, a-ha-ha, these are only a fraction of the photos ...and tomorrow, I return to *my* Opera House....so I wanted to share with you while the memories are fresh.


Love to all,

♥ Robin ♥

p.s. The Crescent Moon Header is also a photo I took at Dawn on my second day...


  1. oh i love the long post. all these wonderful shots and remembrances of your blog friends. bofie looks fabulous, so cute about his paws. and you look radiant. cheers, suki ps bet i've eaten in that cafe.

    1. Suki, I was so happy....I had forgotten what it felt like! You ALL were in my thoughts though...and I actually lit an entire row of candles for everyone (as I did at St. Patricks in NY).. Having new, wonderful friends HAS changed me - strengthened me....

      I'll bet you have eaten there too...it isn't a fancy, touristy restaurant, but a place frequented by locals.

      Bofie was happy....Chris e-mailed me last night that he keeps looking for me...this is the hard part...

      Love to you and Bibitty!

      ♥ Robin ♥

  2. What a great post. Loved it all. Glad you had a good time. So Chris is in the Opera business too? Loved that you got to see your Bofie and got your pictures taken together. I will have to go look at them again now. This fits for Animal Wednesday too. :))

    1. Hi to my *other* Cris! Yes, Chris is in the Opera World - that's how we met. He does the Supertitles (think foreign films - and the English translation that appears at the bottom of the screen)....he speaks five languages fluently..

      Bofie IS our *child*..when we split, he kept Bofie because his home has more room than mine...and a Lab needs space.

      HAW to you and ALL your current menagerie!!


      ♥ Robin ♥

  3. This is awesome, wrobin! As you know I too love Santa fe but somehow I think your trip was extra awesome :-)

    Ms emilita is hilarious. Bofie is handsome. You and Chris are delightful. And the stars and the land are still and always astonishing

    Wait long enough and the universe provides..... :-)


    1. Hey KJB...I know how Santa Fe holds a place in your heart too! It really is the *Land of Enchantment*! Yes...this was a special trip...everything fell into alignment...

      I couldn't believe it when I saw *Senorita Emilita's* Display Window.... but then, again, this is one Wabbit who gets around!

      I guess the Universe DOES provide...Chris and I are both changed though...I am not rushing into anything...you, Lo, Suki, Marianne, Marja, Mim have helped me to grow up (finally)!

      Still, I am happy...


      ♥ Wrobin ♥

  4. I think, after these photos and the post, that I could MOVE THERE and be quite happy!
    Love the St. Francis statue...well, I love ALL St. Francis statues.
    Sounds like an excellent time was had all around~~happy, happy!


    1. Dear Anne... I once thought I could be happy forever in Santa Fe...Chris and I even discussed moving there...but we both decided we couldn't be that far from the ocean - any ocean...it is MAGICAL though - and heavenly place to spend a few months!

      I am SO HAPPY you liked the photo of St. Francis and the Prairie Dog.... I adore it....and actually teared up when I walked to it....

      It was a happy time....

      You were (and remain) in my thoughts....

      Love, Love,

      ♥ Robin ♥

  5. This is a lovely warm happy Robin-post (and I love my fish). Bofie is wonderful and you all look happy and contented.

    Many hugs to you, mim

    1. Mimmmmmm!!So happy you liked the *Mim-fish*....like Emily, I always seem to see them wherever I go!

      It was a delightful time for all three of us...

      Bofie is my *Angel*...YOU KNOW all about Labs!


      ♥ Robin ♥

  6. how lovely to follow along on your santa fe trip and what a gorgeous photo of you and your ex (and of course you and bofie!!) how fascinating to learn that you and chris met through the opera - so that's how you got that 'insider's' tour - what an amazing opera house! i would lovelove to see tosca leap off the castell santangelo with the lightning flashing off in the distance!

    topping it all off with that shot of the crescent moon....ahhh... too beautiful!!

    welcome back home dear robin♡

    1. Dear *Twin*...thank you for your wonderful words.. yes, I met Chris when he was working at San Francisco Opera in 1995..he lived here for many years before moving to NY to work for the Met...

      Ah, *Tosca* and her famous leap....I really wanted to photograph her at that exact moment...but photographs are *forbidden* at rehearsals....it was just too risky at the end of the Opera.....(darn)..

      I was really pleased to wake up early and immediately think about the Moon...
      I dashed out (in my nightgown) and began to click away... Chris stumbled sleepily out and said "What are you doing"? "Photographing the Moon, of course"! He smiled, thinking (I'm sure) that I haven't changed...at least in that aspect! A-ha-ha!


      ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I haven't been in so long.
    But I've lit more than a few candles in the church, smiled good morning to those mountains,and kissed good night to the moon. Just like in your header. I know you had a fabulous reunion with the spirit that is Santa Fe. Who wouldn't?
    Bofie. Beautiful Bofi.I know your heart aches for him,,,but knowing he is in such good hands, and so loved makes it okay.
    Chris has beautiful hair by the way.
    Great post, once again Robin!

    1. Ah Babs... it's wonderful to know you have experienced all of Santa Fe's magical powers... a must for every artist!

      Bofie is very loved... it tough to be 3,000 miles away - most of the time - but Chris is a loving *Dad*...we hope to see each other more now...

      A-ha-ha....love your comment about Chris' silver hair! (He would love it too....but I'm not tellin'!)


      ♥ Robin ♥

  8. I love every bit of this post. Everything looks fabulous and really makes me want to visit there. Such a gorgeous place. I would not know what to sketch first!

    Those paws of Bofie are just so cute!!! And huggable!

    Speaking of hugs...HUGS

    1. Teri!!! YOU MUST come to Santa Fe....you and your DH are so close at Wintertime... and though it snows there...it is just as gorgeous - perhaps more so. The Sangres covered in snow....ah...heavenly!

      Summer, Winter....there are a million things for you to sketch!!!!

      So happy you have *met* my Bofie.... he's a huggable (though large) furry guy!


      ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Thanks for taking me along to Santa fe!
    It sure looks like a magical place to me!!!!
    I think I would love it there :)
    I LOVE Bizet´s Les pêcheurs de perles . I know very little little about opera but there are some things that can touch me in my soul and The Pearl Fishers Duet always bring me to tears.
    It is thundering here now!!!! My gosh what a weather . I hope Saar (auntie deer) holds her horses today until the thunderstorm passes away...............
    What lovely pictures of Santa Fe!
    received your card yesterday! Thanks!
    Oh and Bofie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bet you wanted to kidnap him :)
    Listening to the duet now.............. :(
    Happy you had such a great time!

    1. Dear Zus, I KNOW you would love it here..
      One day.....

      I am thrilled you know and love *Les pêcheurs de perles*!!!! Yes...that duet is one of my all time favourites too...it is sung at the end of the opera too....but by the Princess and her Lover..and here, they re-boarded the boat as the opera ended...

      Thunder! Oh no...not good for Mama-to-be Saar...I hope she is waiting until tomorrow...

      Here it's windy like crazy and cold...but I'm preparing to make my way out to the Opera House for another *Magic Flute*.

      YES, I DID WANT TO STUFF BOFIE IN MY LUGGAGE.... he was just too big! A-ha-ha!


      ♥ R ♥

  10. I'm so glad this trip was all you needed it to be. It seemed to be so healing. You are a different woman now, much stronger!

    That Bofie. What a doll! I sure love the way he curls his footies :)

    That opera house is magical! I'd love to see a passing storm through that portal. Wow!

    I'm off for 3 glorious days. I have a lot to catch up on today, but I'm sure we'll talk at some point.

    Thanks for the raven shots!!


    1. Dear BS....you know me well enough to have seen me grow as a woman - and a STRONG one, thanks to you, KJ, Suki, Marianne and Mar... I have finally learned to stand by myself!

      I am so happy you like *Beefball* and his sweet *not-so-little* footies! I hope one day you will get to give him an in-person kiss!

      Hoping you enjoy your long weekend - and that temps /humidity cool down! Blow it Westward, ok?

      Love, MUWAH!

      ♥ LS ♥

  11. I fell in love with Santa Fe the first time I set eyes on her. I love this treat and makes me want to journey back. Gracias!

    1. Why am I NOT surprised that a person with your big heart and soul visited Santa Fe and fell in love? A-ha-ha! Yes, it's a wonderful place to just be.... I am grateful for the change to return...I never thought I would see it again!

      Big Hugs,

      ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Like the new header. The crescent Moon, at dawn, soon after New Moon, is always beautiful and evocative of a new beginning.