"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Friday, July 25, 2014

July in the Valley of the Moon - Last Post

Ah.....after being in *Heaven* for two weeks in Santa Fe, then being in *Foggy Purgatory* in San Francisco, it was great to return to the Valley of the Moon - and spend time with Joyce and Mimi!

Russian Sage...my FAVOURITE plant!  I first *discovered it 14 years ago in Santa Fe!

Look closely....a flock of Geese, *honking* their way through the Evening Sky....

Another gorgeous Sunset...(you know I never enhance my photos..)

The One and Only Mimi!

The first few days I was there.....*Mother Nature* was petulant....we had clouds and even some rain!  (Still, it was in the 70's...so much warmer than SF!)

Mist over the Valley of the Moon

Shopping for Mimi....don't you love the name of the Pet Store!

Look closely....there is Joyce entering the Pawsarottis!


Mr. Jack Rabbit

Show me your Ears!

Then there were two!

*My* Woodpeckers

Their Tree in Summer

Sadly, last Winter, there was a terrific storm and one of the tree branches came down...killing one of the Woodpecker Family..

But there they are!  Beautiful and angry that *that Girl with the Camera* is back!

Look closely...there are two! The Streetlight where they go to *complain about me* is just across from their tree!

Sunset through the Trees

*Not So Wild Critters*

On one of my walks, I encountered this sweet, Orange cat!  (Sssh....do NOT mention it to Mr. Orange)

Hmmmm..I like you, might jump down to visit!

I really like you!  So I will rub against your feet!

Mr. Grey lives next door to the *other* Mr. Orange....don't know if they are friends....



Mama, Yearling and Fawn


Darn....though I did see a few, It was hard to photograph them....they are so speedy!

You see, they ARE plentiful...  even the Weather Vanes have them!

There was also time for....OPERA!  Joyce and I went to a Met HD Broadcast from 2007 of Gounod's *Romeo et Juliet*...with Anna Netrebko (I am a huge Nebtreko fan)  and Roberto Alagna.....(I have never seen or heard it before..EXCEPT for this lovely Waltz...)  Just loved the Costumes. the Set and the Singers acting abilities...(sadly, the score was for the most part unmemorable)...

Joyce and me (Baseball fans...though not for the same team)..watched a few games..including a 14 inning (that's over 5 hours long, folks) game between the Phillies and giants....Mimi, wisely, gave up and went to sleep!

Mimi just couldn't take all of the 14 innings of Giants/Phillies Baseball!

And...I've saved the best for last...

Last night, out for a final *Violet Hour* Walk....I felt someone looking at me.....I glanced around and ...OMG..here's who I saw...

You KNOW I have been wondering for a while *What Does the Fox Say*....  ah...he didn't say anything..except with his beautiful eyes!  I was honoured he didn't run...and stayed for me to take these photos...our eyes did meet, and I think he knew I was a friend!

All in all, I had a wonderful and relaxing sojourn in the Valley of the Moon!  Just home...and a wonderful surprise....NO FOG!  In fact, it's quite warm...70 degrees!

Okay....I am refreshed and ready for August AND Autumn! But, sadly, this is my last post. As so many know, fewer people are on the Blogs - and on mine, no comments for the past few months....so, I am *retiring*... 

Love to you all,

♥ Robin ♥


  1. Old Visitors, New Visitors....there are many (over 200)..yet no one comments....the purpose of a blog is to share with friends.... I guess it is time to join the crowd and stop this blog. Thank you all for visiting... ♥ Robin ♥

  2. I didn't visit often, but sad to see you go. I will still see you on FB.

  3. Marilyn, how sweet of you to check in and to care.. that means a lot. Renee, (whom you didn't know) gave me the encouragement to begin my Blog...I miss her and her true friendship... LIFE (nor impending Death) never stopped her ...but, that's not the way of most... I loved blogging....but, as I said, if no one visits AND comments...there's no reason to continue. One blogs to share life with friends.... yes, see you on FB! ♥ R ♥

  4. Gee, Robin, this is an unhappy surprise. I know I don't get around as much, it being summer and all, but I will miss you. The fox reminded me of "The Little Prince" book.

    Oh, so you're on Facebook, I see from Marilyn's comment. Blogspot does lose a lot of people to it, but I'll never be one of them, so you'll know where to find me.

    1. Snow...we have been through a lot together these past few years... Nolly/Vicki is a connecting link.. forever. I had to quit the blog because tho many people are reading it - I don't know them..and the people I DO know...seem to have forgotten me... yes, I am on FB...but it's a totally other thing.... you and I will continue on our e-mail...I love you... you know I do. ♥ Robin ♥

    2. It's summer, and people visit blogs less in summer. Blogging was also a fad that has become less popular. As for "joining the crowd," there are still many people who blog, and the ones who still do so might be expected to be more lasting because they are less apt to be bloggers simply because it's the latest thing to do.

  5. Like Snowbrush said, this is an unhappy surprise. I will miss your blogposts, Robin, and reading about the opera and all the things you love. I'm not on Facebook, so I hope we will keep up in some way!! Wishing you all the best and sending love xoxo ♡♡

  6. Dear *Twin*... I feel sad about letting my Blog go....but I know you would feel the same if your *followers* all disappeared... I had a regular group of Commenters for 4 years....then, after my accident, they vanished... we WILL stay in touch via e-mail...I will send you any interesting Opera News...first rehearsal for *Norma* tomorrow! Love, always, ♥ Robin ♥

    1. Robin,
      I'm so sorry to hear you lost touch with folks after your accident. I've noticed myself that after a few years of blogging, some people have left their blogs or moved on to doing other things....not sure of all the reasons but I do sense that things shift. I hope your recovery is going well and hopefully you are getting back to normal — and I would love to hear about Norma - I'm not familiar with it so please do fill me in! Sorry I'm not on Facebook but perhaps we can keep up with normal email? :))

      Sending love and healing wishes - your twin,

      Amanda xoxo

  7. Ah...dear Twin, .lovely to hear from you... tomorrow (9/2) is the Final Dress for *Norma*! Will e-mail you some photos (hopefully) and updates! Must tell you *Norma* is one of my TOP FIVE Non-Wagnerian Operas... although I have seen it twice before, Never HAVE SEEN it with such fabulous singers! More tomorrow! Love, always, ♥ R ♥

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