"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue Skies, Harvest Moon, Tree Frog...

Do you know what this is?

BLUE SKIES - that's what! Yesterday, the fog rolled back and VOILA - the Azure heavens revealed themselves. I had to climb the roof of my home and snap a few photos.

Then, the sun set and, slowly in the East...

An almost-full Moon , as yellow as a Harvest Moon rose..... (La Luna is dead centre in this photo, the large light to the right is someone's window.) Those few hours were inspiring and uplifting...because as you all know, I have not seen Moon nor Sun in a month...

Today, alas, we are back to "normal"....cloudy and grey and cold.... but at least I know there is blue sky and golden Moon and sparkling stars somewhere up there.

Oh, yes, it's Animal Wednesday too.... but I had to post this first because I have been so crushed emotionally and spiritually.... I don't have a self-taken Animal Shot.....but, I am showing you this little fellow - the "Red Eyed Tree Frog" (from Costa Rica).... he's pretty adorable (and colourful).... hmmmm...if I kissed him, would he turn into a Prince?

HAW to all my lovely friends.....

♥ Robin ♥


  1. Glad you got to see the sun for a few minutes - it is sunny down here in LA which is odd. I hope the sun comes out more for you and cheers you up.

    I love that frog picture - he's just calling out to be drawn.

    Have a happy Animal Wednesday OK?

  2. Hooray! Hooray!! Beautiful blue!!! So glad you got some at last... and what an exquisite frog! Golly. Way amazing & superb!

    xo from all of here at the farmlet,


    it's about f-ck-n time, right? (isn't it silly that without renee it's harder to say fuck just like that?!)

    robin,you have such a lovely dignified blog and here i am cluttering it up again with a profanity and sometimes even talk about s-e-x.
    i promise i would behave properly at the opera. i hope you will take me someday.

    p.s. i think this frog may be a girl frog because i think i may have dated her once long ago...

    (with love)

  4. Mim glad you have sun and not SMOG.... LA is actually a fun place to visit...(for a week)..

    Perhaps one day, my little Costa Rican Frog will be drawn....perhaps even by MOI!

    Hugs from Foggy (Again) SF...


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Dear "KJB"....ah, it did make me smile to see that f-ck on here! God how it makes me miss Renee....only those who knew and loved her can make sense of that statement....

    I never think of my blog as "dignified"...I guess I have not shown my "other side".... one day....

    I would love to take you to an Opera! That's another "one day"....

    As for dating the Froggie....hey - that would make the Iguana jealous.... (the one from your sidebar)....

    Another foggy day here...thank goodness I took photos - otherwise I would have thought I dreamt it....

    Love you Ms. "KJB"!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Hi dear,
    Glad the sun appeared for you!
    Hope you soaked in all the golden rays and enjoyed that spotless blue!
    How I understand that one month without can drive you nuts!
    We are having a thunder and rain here........but so far an exceptional good summer, I consider myself lucky.
    Wish I could pack up some sunshine and send it to you..........

    Love that frog!

    Take care and hold on!


  7. is that a foggy froggie??

    I love seeing the view from your roof, so the next time you tell me you went up there I will have a visual!

    I remember that fickle fog Ms. Robin. When you are basking in November sun we'll be freezing our buns off ;)

    I'm glad we're friends. Sisters,even ;)


  8. Yay! Blue skies! Like Lololo said though, just wait when we are all cold you will have Indian Summer. I love that frog, I think it is a he as I may have dated him once, hah! I stole Kj's line :-).

  9. Robin! How are you today, my friend? I missed Wednesday completely. It is a blur - lol! I love your rooftop. You can just climb up there and hang out? That makes my heart sing. :) And since that little froggie has had so many dates (male and female) I will just say he/she is adorable. I'll have to post the pic of a little tiny frog my kids found in Florida on our trip. So adorable! Take care - lots of hugs to you - xox Pam

  10. Liebe Marianne,
    Receiving your words of encouragement was like getting a hug - all the way from Holland! And I felt it! Thank you... I look at your ATC cards every morning (it's foggy here again) - but your art is bright and joyful and inspires me to get up and begin the day anew.

    Hugs to you and Sjmiime!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Ms. LoLolololoooo... nah, this Froggy lives in the steamy Costa Rican jungles.... and, apparantly is quite popular - as both KJ and Annie have dated him! Hmmmm..I'm thinking a "hook-up" with Emily might be in order!


    Love you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Annie....see my comment to Lo....
    As for the weather, who knows....the SF pattern seems to be changing - big time - so perhaps our Indian Summers will be a thing of the past.... I sure hope not.

    Love, always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. Pammee.....I am always happy to have a visit from Enid's "Mom",,,

    Yes, I have a roof - we are on the first hill from the Ocean - so I have a pretty nice view....on a (rare) clear day, I can see the ocean, part of the GG Bridge to the West and the Oakland Hills and the Bay to the East. But, as you know, those days are rare...it is usually far too cold and windy to hang out most of the year.... oooh....please post your Froggy photo! I love them...

    And love you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. robin - SO glad the fog lifted........if even for one day! at least you could see the (just past full) moon rising, eh?!?

    love mr frog. and regarding kissing him, reminds me of a favorite peter gabriel song "kiss that frog".....be careful what you wish for! ;-)


  15. Amanda, how wonderful we have found each other! I love your blog! Yes, I only had that one afternoon of sun...it has been foggy and cold ever since.....but...I live in hope!

    Hey, I know that Peter Gabriel song....adore him!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. kj and annie have dated HIM? i think some proofreading is in order ms. wrobin. there should be a HER somewhere in that foggy froggy tale (ms. laurel is clever).

    my we are having fun on your blog. i'm glad to meet amanda. i don't know trixie and dustin but i hope the wrong opinion of me has not been formed because i said THAT word. now i am trying to sound intelligent. can you tell?

    by the way robin, what do you think of this?

    a monk walks into a diner. when the waitress greets him, he asks her if she's seen him before. she says no. so he says,well then, how did you know it was me?


  17. heehee, kj, you keep crackin me up, this morning at Lolos and now here at Robins.

    oh Robin, we seem to have the exact same weather that only varies to light fog, wet fog, cold fog and really foggy fog.

    The sun came out here too, and i saw the gorgeous full moon! but now the fog is back and we are back to shivering! oh dear.

    i hope you have a wonderful, and maybe even sunny, weekend!