"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Allegra

My beloved friend (and friend to many of you), Allegra is gravely ill. She has been valiantly fighting an illness for quite some time, but yesterday, she took a turn for the worse. I hope you will send prayers and positive light her way and also to her wonderful husband Barry. They both need them.
Thank you all.


♥ Robin ♥


  1. Sending many blessings to Allegra and Barry.
    And to you too, my dear.


  2. i have just placed a "card of love" for allegra and barry on my blog.
    everyone is welcome to come and post a link to their post for allegra.

    a way to bring us all together in one place....with all our care.


  3. perfect swan of comfort...for a perfect friend.
    so glad we can all come together for allegra and barry.

  4. Ah Robin, what a beautiful picture. It captures something of the way I see Allegra. Such grace she shows. To kneel here with you is a gift. To pray with friends stengthens us all. I do believe in miracles and that is precisely what I am praying for. xx Jos

  5. robin dear,

    after hearing about allegra from kj, i lit a candle for her last night. i will do the same tonight, as well as for tessa.

    sending love to you dear friend, and hopes that the many combined wishes for healing that are gathering will flow allegra's way.


  6. Beautiful picture, just like your Christmas card!!!!! (which was like a fairy tale)
    I hope all prayers and thoughts will help Alegra.