"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Lights and Thoughts in San Francisco

Everyone has been posting holiday scenes where they live - inside and out - so I thought I would add some from my beloved city....  this top one was taken from Treasure Island at sunset - before the RAIN came!

Of course, I live in a city where there is water surrounding us on three sides.....so, we have an annual Christmas Boat Flotilla!  Last night, although it was rainy and windy, the parade began.  I was "crazy" enough to go down to the wharf with a few friends and after a lovely seafood dinner - we bravely stood and watched!  (I must confess that I did not take any of the following boat shots...  far too cold for me to remove my gloves and even attempt a shot!)

It was a magical evening! 

As for my home, well, I have not done much decorating this year.....but I have added my crystal Winter Wreath on my front door, a few sparkly lights and received a wonderful magical purple Stag from Laurel....(thank you beloved "BS") so, yes, there is a sense of Christmas inside. 

Most importantly, I have Christmas in my heart this year!  So many newfound loving friends - throughout the world!  I am thankful for all of the beauty that each of you provides - through your words and your deeds..... We give as a family to as many as we can - both financially and emotionally....this is what the Holidays represent to me.  And I feel very blessed to be a part of it.


♥ Robin ♥


  1. ooooh, I'm first!! I love seeing the sparkly holiday touches in your home. Mr. Stag looks regal and lovely where he is ;)

    The boat lights remind me so much of the wharf in Monterey. I loved walking there and seeing the festive lights!

    I echo your sentiments exactly. You're a wonderful addition to my "family" and the most perfect, loving LS anyone could ask for♥

    We'll talk soon. Big party tonight and I plan to behave!

    Lo♥aka BS

  2. love the san francisco boat lights. how unique. thank you. and your purple stag is staggering....LOL. gorgeous. So glad you feel Christmas in your heart. Many blessings, Suki

  3. The town I used to live in is only 20 minutes drive from where I am now. Around my old neighbourhood they do a lot of outside lights to create a fantastic festive feeling this time of years. Isn't it amazing how a string of lights can help to gladden the heart? And I love the violet reindeer (nearly wrote purple ... still a pleb a heart!).

    I am glad you are feeling somewhat festive this year Robin. Do you ever get snow in SF? I can always send you some from here. Uncharacteristically we are completely inundated at the mo. Ho ho ho, not long to go. xx Jos

  4. There is never a better place to celebrate Christmas than in you heart. We send our "Christmas" cards during Chinese New Year, believe it or not. Christmas takes a different meaning when you practice in life a different philosophy and so to us, the joy that the birth of a new year brings is a true expression of our feelings for our friends and our wishes for a wonderful and loving year ahead.

    We both wish you a very happy Christmas and we are saving a place at the table for you any time you are willing to join us. Hugs from both of us.

  5. I so enjoyed the photos, Robin. Your rain is big news, and I shudder to think of all those who will suffer for it.

  6. dear robin,
    what a sweet and yes! christmasy post. i love the lights and the sparkling water and your magical deer, Lo really got that right, you are so very dear to all.

    i hope you are staying dry and warm, i imagine you are getting as much rain as we are down here... A LOT!

    merry christmas!

  7. It's always amazing, how magical the lights look on water.
    A beautiful post, Robin,,,,
    I'm so glad Christmas is in your heart.
    I hope it's your Merriest Christmas ever!

  8. it's all lovely Robin - and love the purple stag!!

  9. What beautiful lights and what a sweet post!
    Yes that is what Christmas is all about.....
    Hope the rain will stop soon. I am enjoying the snow here, because I don't have to go anywhere.
    Stay warm and cosy dear Robin!
    One of my best gifts this year was getting to know you!
    ♥♥♥ >M<

  10. Love that purple reindeer....let me guess..... ;)

  11. The boat pictures are so lovely I came back to look again. Happy Holidays Robin!

  12. Just popping in to wish you the very merriest of Xmases and a happy and helthy 2011 friend. Think of you very often with warm thoughts and lotsa love XXX

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