"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hearts and Sunshine

September has brought we SF people - SUNSHINE!  (Mind you, not all day.....but at least seven or eight hours of the glorious golden *stuff'!)  So, for the past two days off from the Opera, I have been out walking and taking photos.  I had mentioned in a previous post about the Heart Sculptures which are scattered throughout the City....and here are a few.

This one was painted by Tony Bennett.  You didn't know he could do more than sing, right?

I also just had to hike through the Presidio to the Bay....and along the way,
I encountered:

 A beautiful Monarch Butterfly sunning himself on some Lavender....

Mr. Egret was kind enough to stand still and pose for me...

Now, as I write this on Friday Evening, the fog has returned with a vegenance and the wind is pummeling my flat.....brrrrrrrr.... 

Tomorrow, back to the Opera for yet another "Heart of a Soldier" rehearsal  only two more of them before it opens on September 10th.

I hope each and every one of you in the States has a gorgeous and safe Labour Day Holiday.  If you are abroad...have a wonderful weekend!


♥ Robin


  1. robin, well, first of all, emily is estatic to see her award on your sidebar. she woke me up from a sound sleep to tell me.

    these hearts are wonderful. how many are there? it must be such fun to stumble onto one while gallivanting.

    you've had some beautiful encounters this week, but the egret: that would make my heart sing.

    here's wishing you sun and fun and a sticky bun


  2. The hearts are beautiful, and YES! I did know Tony Bennet painted! (I think there was a documentary on it that I just happened to catch)
    Ah the beautiful areas in the old Presidio~~it is good to see that nature has a place to live safely and be there for people to enjoy. I think that is a great way to keep an old military post alive and healthy.
    One odd memory was getting covered with poison oak while tromping through the woods there when we were kids! What fun! We didn't care!
    Here's to a good week FBBBFF, and sorry I missed this earlier---have had a lot of blogs not show in my dashboard....grrrrr....

    Other FBBBFF!!! :-D

  3. Hi Robin! I'm so happy you finally got some sunshine. I was worried that part of the country would get a vitamin D deficiency! ;) You do live in a gorgeous part of the world - I guess fog and rain are just the price you pay. And we both know that our favorite time of the year is coming SOON and maybe yours will be sunny with only slightly cool breezes!! xoxox Pam

  4. Oh those hearts are fun and beautiful! And the rest of your walk is also beautiful. Glad you had the weather to enjoy it...for awhile anyway.

  5. Those hearts are meant for you, since you are all heart. I hope you are having a grand time at the Opera, that the weather is beautiful - here today we could have fried eggs on the pavement but I was inside, chastising myself for lowering just a bit more the air conditioner but it was truly very very hot here-

    The tomatoes are ripening, the apples are blushing and we are all waiting for you, so we can have a cold glass of bubbly outside by the silvery Moon. So...when are you coming? Hugs from all of us, with love as always.

  6. Glad you had some sunshine!!!!!!!
    Just let every ray count!
    Been out all day buying stuff for the renovation and visited my mom.
    How kind they put all those hearts in the city just for you♥
    and that egret , just too beautiful.
    Enjoy the opera dear Nearly opening night!

    have a wonderful day and wish the sun shines again for you!

  7. Oh, I really like those heart sculptures. How cheery.