"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday - Post-Irene and Pre- "Heart of a Soldier" with Koa - the New "Opera Doggie"!

What a wild and scary weekend for those of you living up and down the Eastern Seaboard...and for those of us in other parts who love you and were concerned.  Thank goodness you are all ok - though Lo's area was hardest hit...and she is still without power.

I am working daily at the opera, watching a new Opera, titled "Heart of a Soldier" take shape.  It's about 9/11 and a very brave man (Rick Rescorla) who saved 2, 700 people....(yes that number is correct) - only to lose his own life trying to save even more.  The emotions it conjured up the first time I entered the house and saw the set (the Twin Towers stand proudly throughout the opera) were overwelming. Tears welled up in my eyes.  I didn't really expect that to happen.   This is the fourth day of rehearsals...to say it is draining, is an understatement....yet, the music is gorgeous...and the story ultimately uplifting. The hero grew up believing that one's duty was to always look out for one's friends...   something we all can relate to.

Here are a few models of some of the sets.

I will do a thorough post on this soon....  we have another  week or so until the final dress rehearsal. 

I hope those of you drying out from Irene's *fury* will have sunny, mild days....  Lo, hope that power comes on soon...so you and Bri can have a *real dinner*, cooked on a real stove!

Love to you all....time to get dressed and head on back....

♥ Robin ♥

P.S. Two days ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new "Opera Dog" walk onto the stage!  A gorgeous Golden Retriever named Koa (Hawaiian for *Precious*).  Of course, I HAD to have my photo taken with him...so last night, we posed together!  Isn't he adorable! 

Look at that face!!!!  Koa was only so happy to give me a "Big Wet One" with his tongue!!


  1. So glad you posted about Lo~~was wondering how she was doing and what the situation was. I have been out with a migraine and am far behind on everything....
    The opera sounds beautiful but too painful for me.
    I remember that day....the skies were bright blue and clear, I was in the studio working in PJs and a kimono jacket when it happened.
    I have remembered enough....I need to let it sleep now.
    Big hugs FBBBFF!!!


  2. I find it difficult to watch movies/plays about 911 because it's just too horrific to relive...I was lucky and lost nobody close to me in NY, but I think about the victims of that disaster often...there is a 911 Prayer Garden in our local park and I often sit and ponder on the lives of the families who have lost a loved one...so sad!

  3. p.s. No, the name "The Blue Prince" came from Marianne, but it befits him perfectly ;-)

  4. how powerful, robin. i love seeing the set and look forward to more. imagine being that clear and that brave.

    lo, by the way, has a gas stove so that is the one thing she can still use, albeit probably in the dark! no hot water, no warm showers: that must be close to combat duty!

    thanks for your well wishes. i think for many of us and our friends the hurrican was more difficult to hear about than to actually experience (not counting lo who by now must be so stircrazy!)


  5. This does sound like a moving opera. I can understand the difficulty of "facing" all of this again. But what a story. So heartening ot learn of this man and a story we need to hear. Painful but a reminder of all the events. Sort of like Sarah's Key. About Parisian children torn from their parents to be sent to concentration camps.

    Up here in Vermont many are without power, with bridges gone and roads to their homes washed out.

    Glad lo has the gas stove at least. so uncomfortable to be without the electric.

  6. Those sets are so amazing and beautiful! I would so love to come and see the opera.

  7. What a beautiful golden!
    I would cry through that entire opera, I'm sure.

    I came away from the hurricane unscathed compared to those in tiny Vermont. Jeepers, mother nature can kick ass sometimes. (sorry)

    I tried calling you but I think you're at rehearsals. I'll try later this week.


  8. I'm sure i would cry too, every time i read something or think of it... they are lucky to have you for a volunteer robin, with your passion you bring. it's truly lovely.

    beautiful dog!

  9. oh my goodness, robin - heart of a solider sounds like it will be amazing! will look forward, as always, to following your latest operatic adventures!

    p.s. irene passed us by when we were in south carolina last friday - considering ourselves lucky with only a close call!

  10. I thought of you this morning, Robin...we had the most gorgeous lilac sunrise! Unfortunately, my photo I took doesn't show the vibrancy of it..

    What a remarkable set for the opera...I can imagine how easily it must have been to cry. You are so passionate and loving...it would have hit you hard.

    Lovely photo of you and Koa. I'm so glad all the easterners are all right! xx

  11. Hello Robin, thank you for sharing those impressions, the sets look impressive, the light is very special, the colors too. And what a subject! It makes me ponder "oneness"!

    I send you weekend hugs, and greetings from sunny Paris:), love, Andrea