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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Animal Wednesday.....a Day Late..... Blame it on the Dutch!

Gerrit Dou (1613–1675), Sleeping Dog ,1650.

Although I volunteer at the de Young Museum, often my heart belongs to the exhibits at our *sister* museum, the Legion of Honour.  Currently, they are showing some fantastic works from 17th Century *Dutch Masters*.

I was finally able to get there to see these masterpieces.  Don't you just love Dou's *Sleeping Dog*?  What a sweet face - up close, even his nose is wet, his paws curl in total repose.

Willem van Aelst , Still Life with a Candle, Walnuts and a Mouse, 1647.

Normally, I am not a lover of *Still Life" - because there usually is a bloody carcass of an animal in there... but I adored this one...the candle drippings, the walnuts (you can even see where the Mouse has been nibbling on one) - and of course, the Mouse! 

Aelbert Cuyp (1620-1691), Orpheus Charming the Animals, c.1640.
(See how many different creatures you can find.....do you see the Magpie?)

Salomon van Ruysdael , River Landscape with a Sailboat, 1655.
(See how the cows are being transported across the river!)
Nicolaes Maes ,Sleeping Man Having His Pockets Picked, ca. 1655.

I had to include this one....the young girl , fingers to her lips, beseeches the viewer (that's YOU) NOT to give her away while she helps herself to what's in the pockets of the man...! I know, stealing is not a virtue....but still something about this was humourous.

I'm sorry this is so small....and....I forgot to write down the painter's name. 
I really love this Winter landscape.  Europe in the 17th Century had one of the coldest Winters ever....and the Dutch Artists were inspired to paint some really gorgeous Wintry scenes..... the play on light... the reflection on the snow....the windmill.....it's haunting! 

(I could make a pun and say: It's HAW-nting!)

Love to all,

♥ Robin ♥

p.s. Marianne and Marja, I thought of you both so much as I looked at the Exhibition!


  1. Wow, you are so lucky to have this in your backyard (so to say). Beautiful art. Thanks so much for showing these. Guess I am going to have to visit younalso. Lol

  2. I just loved seeing these, Robin. I made the first one my desktop.

  3. Teri...yes, I know I am lucky.... I really fell in love with most of the paintings....something about the Sea Scapes - particularly under Winter skies was so dreamy.... and those animals..... wonderful!


    ♥ Robin

  4. Snow.... you know, I thought of you when I saw the "Sleeping Dog"... truly a masterpiece - I'll bet he's happy being on your desktop!

    Hugs from your fog-bound friend,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Neat exhibit. We only have a smallish museum here, but I still enjoy it.

  6. thanks for the art tour. the dog reminds me of my bibs sleeping. all curled up. truly masterpieces of realism. how luck to be able so see them in person!

    love your new header photo too.

  7. CS, large or small Museums are always wonderful to visit...anywhere one can *see* aomething new (or old) is so revitalising! How are you? Your Boys?


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Suki... yes, that little dog stole my heart.... I loved looking at the works of these artists...an incredible century of work!

    Your photo of Bibs DOES remind me of the dog....perhaps that's why it touched me so!

    Love all the photos from the *Art Gathering*!!!! I am so glad you went!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. How beautiful it all is.

    We'll have to do "HAW-nting" in october you clever girl

  10. I fixed my blogger issue!!

    First of all, I love that new header. Wow!

    Second, I adore the Dutch masters. My favorite, really! And of course I'm very much drawn to the doggy too. So gentle.

    Thanks for sharing, LS.


  11. love them all but the last is my favorite, the light is so lovely and the colors so gentle. if i were a painter i would like to spend some time in holland where every view is a picture.

    thank you for sharing!

  12. How fortunate you are to be right there to see these wonderful works of art. I can't complain as we are just an hour away...thanks for the reminder!!! Yes, beautiful paintings. At first I thought you were showing us a photo of YOUR dog on AW, and I thought was an awesome photo that is! LOL Laughs on me.

  13. PS Robin how do I follow your blog so I get a reminder on my dashboard??? I'd be here more frequently if I had that reminder.

  14. Hi Robin! I'm with Lynn, I can't get a reminder on my dashboard, either. And I need all the reminders I can get for EVERYTHING - hahaha! I love these paintings! I wish I could see them in person; you get a sense of how they accomplished that amazing realism with paint and a brush. Did you get any sun yet? We got a couple of cool days in a row, and I was as happy as a puppy (but not as cute as painting number one!). xoxo Pam

  15. I should have been with you visiting that exhibition.......one day!
    Lovely paintings dear and I love my card!!!!
    love M