"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Foggy (What Else?) Friday

Yes....the "grey stuff" is still lingering here....  but, I threw jeans, sweater, jacket, hat, gloves and sneakers on...and went out on a LONG walk all the way to Baker Beach.  (About two hours - round trip.) I was glad I did...because I encountered beauty with every step.  Pictured above "Mountain Lake"....  really an inaccurate name - because there are no mountains anywhere near it!

Lilac Thistles

 A *gift* from Mr. Blue Jay.....  yes, I took it home with me... at least I can have a reminder of what "Sky Blue" looks like!

As I neared the beach, the ground became softer, and sandy....  but, I encountered these beauties!  Seeds must have been blown by the wind and blossomed here!  An unexpected surprise!

I wonder how old this big fellow was?

 At the beach, I heard a piercing *shriek*...and looked up in time to see this marvelous Hawk land in the trees.  I walked as close as I dared..... and he did look down at me....  he was gorgeous!

Finally......here is Baker Beach...I reached it just in time to see two of  "Lo's Ravens" cavorting!!!

Of course, after reaching the beach...I had to turn round and hike all the way home!  But, it helps keep me in shape - both physically and mentally!

Tonight, I am going to dinner with a friend...and then off to the Opera House to see the Merola Finals (the SFO programme for young singers).  It will be fun to put on a dress and heels and sit in my beloved Opera House again!  Monday, rehearsals begin for our Autumn Season!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!


♥ Robin ♥


  1. Loved the photos Robin! (especially the feather...)
    The Naked Ladies--lilies....they go by so many names. Anyway, I am sure the ones I have *here* were from a start brought from our house on the Presidio. We had massive CLUMPS of them growing.
    Enjoy your evening~~sounds like it will be delightful!!!

    Anne....trying to figure out where Baker Beach is...off to Google Maps...LOL!

  2. What a lovely walk. I know some back east will be envious of your cool weather. We are having nice clear warm weather finally here. Its lovely too. Thanks for taking us along with you. Enjoy your evening.

  3. oooh, it's hot here today and for once the fog looks appealing to me! But I know you have endured one hell of a long time of it.

    The lillies are called Pink Naked Ladies because the foliage comes up first and then dies away and when the flowers appear they look naked without foliage. I'm sure you know that!

    have a fun evening, LS. We'll talk soon!

    B♥S the working stiff :)

  4. sounds like a beautiful walk and i have never heard of baker beach. love that feather, i pick up feathers often and have a sort of collection. hope you had a really fun night out too!

  5. Your photos are so beautiful. I actually like fog and rain, mysterious elements of nature. Glad I stopped in. Love your presentation too btw.

  6. the color of that feather is magical!

    what excellent photos you've taken, robin. my favorite is the lilac thistle. beautiful.

    good for you for your invigorating walks. i'll bet it takes a barrel of extra energy and fortitude to push out in the drizzle fog!