"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At the Aquarium....Animal Wednesday with Watery - And Airy Creatures

Madagascar *Tomato* Frog....   hmmmm....wonder why he is named that? 

Yesterday was yet another day swathed in cold, foggy, drizzly skies.... we have had almost two uninterrupted months of grayness.   I'm sure you are all tired of my complaints...but, if you lived with grayness for so long....you would be unhappy too.  My remedy?  Why off to the Academy of Sciences...to see the slimy, scaly and feathery ones!    The Academy is currently featuring an exhibit I really wanted to see  *Snakes and Lizards*!  (Oh my..)  I probably seem like a *girly-girl* to many....  but I have a passion for the outdoors and really like snakes and lizards....(just not fond of insects who have many legs  and move fast)!  Cameras were not allowed in the Snake/Lizard exhibit....   but, here are a few photos from the Academy's website.

Hello there....  hisssss...

A friend and I went early - to avoid the crowds....and, as it turned out, a wise decision because everyone (including the animals) were awake and lively! 
I actually saw a few of the *slithery ones* open wide.....I guess they were yawning...or were hungry....  (Thank goodness feeding time is later in the day!)

Here is *Lemondrop*....an albino Boa Constrictor...yes, he is this yellow.....in fact, he's gorgeous!  (Once, during my modeling days, I had an assignment where I held an Albino Boa -while wearing a bikini!  This was long before Brittney Spears ever did it! )

Okay....now on to my photos....

It's Claude..the Albino Alligator!  He is so gorgeous -  pink eyes and all!  I was happy he raised his head to *greet* me....  Claude lives in harmony with three Snapping Turtles.....

A beautiful symphony of colourful fish!

 A large Manta Ray glides by.....
 Exiting the Planetarium...three levels up from the watery depths of the Aquarium.... we went there too..but I will save that for another day...


Lots of LILAC!

There is a three story *Rainforest*....you enter and find a steamy, jungle-like atmosphere - lower lever, fish, middle level, plants and birds, upper level - BUTTERFLIES!  They fly freely and float over your head and around you....
it's heavenly!
My favourite - the Blue Morpho Butterfly......he has incandescent blue and silver wings......

When you depart the upper floor of the Rainforest (by lift)...every one is checked to make sure none of the Butterflies has *hitched a ride* on your shoulders!

We have a very unique and *Green* Academy.... here is the *living* rooftop...where plants and other edibles are grown ... we ended our day up here...  and....sigh....you can see (after six hours at the Academy) - it was STILL foggy.    But, it was a marvelous, magical day.....

Happy Animal Wednesday!


♥ Robin ♥


  1. For some reasons I can't see the pictures on my iPad but will come back later cause it all sounds so gorgeous!

  2. omgosh....what an AMAZING DAY!!!
    Got to admit that tomato frog is the best! I love frogs and toads so he caught my attention (plus he's RED!)
    Would have loved to see the birds and butterflies.....especially that blue one. What an utterly amazing place; pure color on a grey day!


  3. Oh, I love the sea-creatures! (went to the zoo myself too) and those butterflies - totally great.

  4. These are all so cool but the frog, my favorite! Wow, like Campbells Tomato soup. I've never seen another one like this.

  5. That was an amazing day Robin. These photos are awesome. Love the jelly fish best. Okay the red frog is cute but those jellies are so dreamy.

    That is WAY to much gray for anyone. Good thing you have a great place like that to visit.


  6. Well it's good to see you're alive after not having reached you! I can see the thick blanket of fog on that rooftop. Look at that one girl who has her arms folded and looks freezing! I don't miss it and my heart breaks that you've had your fill of it. Perhaps you'll have a sunny winter? I hope.

    That's a lovely exhibit! I've only seen Claude before and now you've shown so much more. It's a great AW post!


  7. What a fun day Robin. I would loved to have seen the snakes and lizards,everything you well really everything you saw. I just love lizards. I think because I don't see many around here. Not that I see so many snakes but I do occasionally see them. Thanks for taking us along. I know just how you feel about the weather. I have hated this summer here. My garden is drying up as I type. It has been unusually hot and dry here. Not like TX or OK of course but bad for us. I wish I could send you some sunshine and warmth from here.

  8. what a fantastic AW!!! your photos are very wonderful, robin. you've captured the shimmering of all of it.

    i'm glad to follow you along on what was clearly a magical day. i'm no fan of snakes, having been scared by one to death and back when i was a kid, but i would love to visit here. great sharing, thanks a million


  9. It sounds like it was a great idea to visit the Academy by the looks of these super photos, dear Robin. I love the lilac one, such a gorgeous hue!

    As you know, it's been raining here for the last two months...in an area that is supposedly classified as semi-arid...so I can relate to the greyness factor. But you know what...I've loved every raindrop, having been without for the last three/four years!

    I absolutely love Lemon Drop! But I'm not sure I could wear one of his relatives when I was in a bikini...kudos to you, courageous one!xx

  10. That is an amazing place! Wow. I think one or two exhibits would have done me in, and you did so many. The rain forest sounds unique.

    Do you have a picture of you in bikini with boa?

  11. Glad you had such a great time!!!
    Lovely pictures dear!
    How are you Princess?
    Hope your wednesday was a happy one just like all other days.
    Got your card with the cute doggy! (painted by a Dutch master...) So sweet!

    Have a nice weekend!!!!!