"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animal Wednesday

As you know, I have lost three dear friends in as many months...in fact, I am attending another Life Celebration tonight for one of them.  I hope this is the last one for eons!  But, this month, I have also lost two beloved
Animal-Friends .and so, I am dedicating this post to them - and to their *Parents*.

Beloved Peke of Doris

Gizzy was intelligent, funny and....SPOILED.  He lived a wonderful life in Georgia with his *Mum*, Doris.  He was, indeed, the personification of a "Lion Dog"....fearless and faithful.

The *Ruler* of Teri and her DH's Heart and Home - in two states!

This feathered beauty was so amazing.....she flew (literally) into Teri's Home....and then, she took over...small, but mighty...and yes.....SPOILED!

Both Doris and Teri are grieving....they loved these little ones with all their hearts.  Those of you who have *pets* - know what I mean.

I miss Gizzy and Sunshine too....although I was a long-distance *Auntie*,
I enjoyed seeing their photos and reading about their exploits. When we lose a pet....is it the ONLY sad thing about having one...because they give 1,000,000 % love and joy.

Animals....so wonderful....



♥ Robin ♥

p.s. Doris and Teri, I hope you don't mind my adding these photos.....


  1. Oh Robin, this is so special. Thank you.
    My sympathy to Doris.

  2. ps, your description of Sunshine is perfect. She took over everyone's hearts.

  3. Ah, Teri... it feels better to *hear* your voice....I have been so worried... Marianne and I shared some loving memories of Sunshine yesterday. She did, indeed grab onto all of our hearts....and she will continue to live there - forever.

    Love and more love,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. so lovely of you to remember these two sweeties this way. animals bring so much joy into our lives and when they are gone there is a big empty space. Both Sunshine and Gizzy are such sweethearts. Hugs to Teri and Doris. Love, Suki

  5. ps the cartoon you is so cute. and love seeing Bofie in your sidebar.

  6. Ah what a sweet post. So nice of you to remember those who have lost their dear ones even if they are of the furry persuasion. They are dearly loved too. Sorry to hear about your friends you have lost too.

  7. It has been a terrible month for you with all those losses!
    My heart goes out to Teri and Doris. I know how heartbroken they are. Both Gizzy and Sunshine were so special. I will also miss both and reading their adventures. Sunshine brought us REAL sunshine when she flew in teri's life she flew into my heart and growing up with 3 Pekes Gizzy stole my heart from the moment I saw him.
    Beautiful post dear for our beloved friends!

  8. goddess bless little gizzy and sunshine. i'm sure they brought great joy into their masters' lives. makes me treasure my 14 year old airedale all the more.

    big hugs dear robin and my deep sympathy for your losses. i hope december brings much more sunshine your way.


  9. i've been trying to post here for days! but my computer keeps knocking me out, or off or whatever you call it.
    hey...I know it's been a tough coupla months and hope that they new month brings you joy and happiness.