"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Colours - Lilac

The second post in my series of colours..  (and I am *cheating*...as I took some of these photos earlier in the month when I was out shooting my *Orange* series). It was fortuitous...because I have injured a tendon/ligament and have had a lot of pain when I need to go out and about.   So for the past week, I am only going *out* when I need to.....rest seems to be helping....but for a girl like me, who lives for the outdoors and being amid Nature, it's been rough!

I adore all things*Lilac*, I usually don't like houses painted with this colour....however, this home, in Pacific Heights, is gorgeous!  And...the owners have recently purchased one of those *mini-easy-to-find-parking-in the City* cars.....custom-painted!  Wunderschoen!

I have no idea what these pipes are used for.....but they are definitely my favourite shade of lilac!

Wildflowers.......  ah, so lovely...especially in December!

A Christmas gift from my *BS*, Lolo!

 A gift from our New Hampshire Poestess, Suki!

The Nightlight in my Dining Room....

I was thrilled to find "Lilac Alley"!

I took this photo a few years back in Germany.  It's Neuschwanstein..  deep in Southern Bavaria!  I was the only *Madwoman* hiking about in the deep snow...but hey, I got a terrific shot!  (And the sky was *almost* this Lilac.....just a wee bit of *tweaking*!) 

And of course, Marianne knows just what to place all my Christmas gifts in!  A-ha-ha!

Look at this sweet, loving face!  He is a Pitbull.....but, you would be hardpressed to meet a more gentle doggie.  I haven't *tweaked* the colours.....but he definitely is a Lilac-Hound!

And.....you KNOW my bedroom is as Lilac as possible...here is a small corner of it! 

So, dear friends....I hope you enjoyed this second in my colour-series!  I send each one of you a joyous hug as we approach 2012!  May this New Year bring us all health, joy, inspiration, gratitude and HOPE for a glorious year!  I love you all!

♥ Robin ♥


  1. I did enjoy them Robin. What great gifts from Suki and Lolo. I very much wonder what those pipes were for because I've never seen any that color. BTW, my bedroom is pink, and Peggy's is green.

  2. Ah, Snow..... you always amaze me!!!! Yet, I now know you well enough to NOT be surprised your bedroom is pink and Peggy's - green!
    Wish I knew what those lilac pipes were for....they were out in the Presidio...and there wasn't anyone about for me to ask - or I would have!

    BIG Hugs to you all.... we have been through a lot this year....but it has brought us closer together....

    Love to all 4,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. love all these lilac things. even the house. Well, I think the dog should live in the house and the pipes should be a sculpture in the yard. LOL. Have a lovely new year. Oh, I esp love Lilac lane. what a find! Blessings, suki

  4. Ah who cares about Primrose lane when You have Lilac Lane.. Right? :)) All lovely colors here. Fair's whippet is a lilac gray..Cool dog color.. other then my gorgeous Red Annie. :)))) Its been fun coming here and getting to know you this year and I'm looking forward to more next year..

  5. What a great post Robin. Isn't it funny how many times 'lilac' finds you?! I am loving your color series. Are you sure those pipes weren't made for your house? teehee.

    Thank you for your caring and sweetness this year, our first year of becoming acquainted. I'm so happy you were able to know Sunshine. Today was my day for hearing the word sunshine all day. I spent some time talking to my neighbors daughter that wrote the poem about Sunshine. And I did it without crying which is pretty amazing. We still miss her tons.

    Happy and joyous New Year!

  6. Love the glimpse of all the Lilac in your life - how clever of you to find lilac pipes!

    It's been quite a year for us all and 2012 will be a next step in the overall adventure.

    Bigs hugs - mim

  7. What a delightfully diverse journey through lilac!!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  8. what a fun post and what a wonderful glimpse into your life and surroundings. the purple pipes have to be the result of a chemical used to make them, yes?

    your shot of Neuschwanstein is most beautiful. i lived a bit north in herzogenaurauch for a couple of years and southern bavaria is an area that holds alot of memories for me. i've seen photos of this castle a zillion times and yours is among the best. btw, i hope you keep developing your camera skills--better and better.

    happy new year wrobin robin. we'll close the door on the transitions of 2011 and start anew.



  9. Awesome shots of your favorite color!
    I loved seeing a peek into your oh so girlie bedroom. The chair, the chair,,,,gorgeous!

    I adore making new friends, and I'm happy I persevered until Blogger let me knock down your door.
    HAPPY New Year, Robin!

  10. dear heart, I wish you the very best 2012, with health and happiness and lots of good times shared with your new good friends. Love ya xxxx

  11. Beautiful! Beautiful!
    (and you got me on the lilac pipes...hmmmmm....)
    What delightful photos my friend. Hope you're on the mend with the leg; got your pkg and thank you thank you! I'll tell you the lipstick story later...LOL!

    Love from FBBBFF~~♥

  12. Yum! as you know my favorite flowers are violets and lilies of the valley. When you put them in a little nosegay together depending on the light some times the lilies take a pale soft lilac shade and that makes them look as if made of some transparent, soft violet crystal. I wish I could send you some right now to wish you a very Happy New Year with a big hug which I hope to give you soon in person. Much love from both of us and the furry ones.

  13. Dearest Robin!
    Happy New Year to you sister!
    Lovely lilac post. How cool you found those pipes!
    And I can't believe I saw that little corner of your home myself.
    Hope 2012 will be a better year than the last one although we met twice and good things happened also.
    Hope your leg will heal soon so you can go out and hike again.
    And I am hoping for lots of other good things for you. One is moving closer to the Atlantic ;) closer to the other sisters.
    All will happen.
    Happy New Year dear♥

  14. BTW I LOVE all those lilac pictures!!!!!!

  15. So much purple ... ahem I mean lilac :)

    I loved this glimpse into your world Robin. Lilac is such a warm colour and I think it reflects something of your soul.

    On a purely practical note, purple piping carries underground lighting cables. They colour code the pipes so that when they dig down to do maintenance they know which pipe carries which service/untility.

    Happy New Year to you Robin, I hope 2012 holds a lot of really good stuff to counterbalance the not-so-good of last year and before.

    Big huge hug. xx Jos

  16. Jos!!! Happy New Year and.......thank you for the explanation of the Lilac Pipes!!! (I should have KNOWN YOU would know their colour and origon!) Yes, oh astute one....Lilac DOES represent me - for better or worse -

    I hope 2012 bring YOU health, happiness and peace.... you so deserve it!

    Love, Always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  17. Lilac is such a gentle color.

    A very happy New Year to you, Robin!

  18. Hope Your feeling better Sister.....

    Marianne fixed my Blog halleluja and created a new one for the boys together.

    Onlu 2 more nights sleep and were of to Germany to get our Baron,so nervous ;))
    It will be busy the first weeks but even though I don't comment your always in my heart and Mr.B's,

  19. i am a huge lilac fan!!! but then, of course you are miss lilacrobin!!!!

    the violet pit bull is just too much - his nose is certainly lilac hued! beautiful post ~ i will look forward to this color series in the new year!