"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am Grateful for....

Sunshine..... today, is blue and lovely.....

Moonshine......if the Fog decides to give us a break, I may see La Luna tonight!
I feel like it's a "first date"!

Blogging Friends.....you know I am alone and have no family...YOU are my family... and you give me strength to go on and even HOPE that I may have a future and find some measure of happiness.

Opera.....only 5 more days until the Autumn Season begins!!!!!! No Wagner...(sigh)...but still a lot of (hopefully) amazing productions....including the return of "Placi" Domingo to the SF Opera stage after 16 years!

Baseball.... "My" Team, the Atlanta Braves..in FIRST Place in the NL East!

Health.....my poor ear, after months of deafness, is "working" again....I can hear out of both ears!

My Blogging Friends.... did I already mention this? Well, it merits repeating.....because without all of YOU......I wouldn't have made it this far in 2010..... I love you all.....I really do.

♥ Robin ♥


  1. Robin, these are lovely gifts for sure. I feel I too am gifted that you are my friend. Happy moonshine. Here, it is raining.

  2. Lovely roses right nest to your pretty face ;)

    The sun appeared again? How wonderful! I pray you see the moon tonight. It's been too long.

    hahaha!! I love how you put your baseball stats in here. Way to go!

    And your ear, thank goodness it finally opened so you can hear opera in five days!

    And your blogging friends feel the same way about you, my dear.

    Yep. We sure do ;)


  3. right NEXT to your pretty face...not nest ;P

    tee hee..xoxo♥

  4. Love you too and so glad your ear is better!
    Lo, I liked nest :-).

  5. Yes We do feel the same way dear!
    Beautiful roses dear!

    And I love Placido!
    I have a wonderful story about him I will tell you one day!!

    Enjoy as much as you can while it is there for you!

    And yes the roses match you:)

    I know the sun will break through in many more ways for you...........I hope soon
    Have faith

    Liebe Grüße


  6. no Internet so just xoxoxo's

  7. oooohweee!! is the opera with placido pirates of penzance?!?!? a friend of mine just told me that her son was cast in that.......should be fabuloso!!!

    warm hugs my friend xoxo

    and yay about that ear!!♡

  8. Suki, I awoke to SUNSHINE and WARMTH! I went out for my first run in five months! Thankfully, I made it through the first mile before my knee began to ache....so I stopped running...walked another mile - and walked home. It felt GREAT! It made me happy...and I have hopes we may have one more day before "Madam de la Fog" returns!

    I hope the rain has stopped..... one day is enough.....

    Kiss Bibbity for me! And a big hug to you!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Lololo..... I'm with Annie...love the "nest" word....so appropro ....and it will always remind me of the painting KJ bought of your for me - The Robin with her Sky-Blue Eggs.....
    It resides in a place of honour in my living room!

    Love you....... always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Anne, thank you for your sweet words.....gosh...we have been to "hell and back" together, haven't we?

    Sending you and the "Beastie Boys" love,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Liebe Marianne......Ich kann nicht warten, Deine "Placi" story zu horen! Ich habe eine auch!!! (Ha-ha!) Wir haben im Bayreuth getroffen......und auch in SF und LA!

    So, Du must mir alles (OMG, forget the word..)

    Safe travels, meine Freund!!!!

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Dear "KJB",

    Ah, words are not necessary..... I adore you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. Amanda, dear one......a-ha-ha! You are so adorable! No, "Placi" will be singing "Cyrano de Bergerac".....he has made this role his own! However, I love Gilbert & Sullivan - and "Pirates of Penzance" is a favourite!

    My ear is nearly 100%.....and the sun is shining......life is much improved!

    I am so happy we have met!

    Your Fellow Lover of Greek Mythology,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Glad to hear you've enjoyed some much needed sunshine! xx

  15. Willow.... I am beside myself with happiness....it's amazing what a little Moonshine, a little Sunshine can do to help a girl want to keep on going....

    Saturday - first "Aida" piano rehearsal! Not one of my favourites....EXCEPT the astounding Dolora Zajick, my first and BEST "Amneris"...

    As usual, will be baking a few of your receipes for SF Opera! When asked, I DO give you, my dear, credit!!


    A Robin with TWO Ears!


  16. Robin~ I didn't know you were alone with no one... I am feeling a bit of the same way...

    You are always a gypsy sister and you will always have that family forever ~: )

  17. We love you to,Robin....

    Roses my favourites tell you some day about it,in our garden there blooming just like that and we even have some sun,yesterday it was terrible b.didn't want to go out haha.

    Try to make a pic of B.(he is difficult with posing now very much asleep after 1 hour woods and rabbits) with the roses just for you.

    take care,

  18. I love your list! And I love many of the same things! Like opera and Placido and Wagner!
    So sorry to hear about your ear, but I'm glad it's better again. I've had trouble with mine, off and on, my whole life, too. It's no fun!

    LOVE and hugs,

  19. Pattee...dear Gypsy Sister... yes, in fact,
    I am quite alone. Only child, both parents dead, and split up with my long-time love (16 years) - now my ex. I hope you are not so alone...but perhaps just feeling a bit down....

    Sending you a BIG GYPSY HUG!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  20. Liebe Marja,

    Danke vielmals fur Deine schoene Worter....ja, Ich liebe Rosen....und Weisse Rosen sind (zu Mir) die scheonsten!

    Es gefallt Mir das wir uns treffen hatten!

    Kuss der Beaudor fur Mich!

    Liebe Grusse,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  21. Angela, how sweet of you to comment! I had a most difficult Spring/Summer.....the combination of still not being able to find a job - plus the coldest, foggiest "Summer" in 40 years...then losing the hearing in one ear almost "did me in". My ear began clearing up last week - and I decided to think instead of the things I had to be grateful for....

    Music is my greatest passion - and I am thrilled to be able to hear Opera again... yes, it will be thrilling to hear "Placi" sing again! I will be at all the rehearsals - so will keep you posted!

    Take care of your ears! It IS no fun!

    Big Hugs to you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  22. I am grateful for:
    your working ear
    your always kind heart
    your warm and wonderful words on my blog
    your loving heart
    and the sun over sanfran(maybe, someday, sometime, anytime, pleeeeese!)
    love ya too robin, and you have meant a lot to a lot of us too.

  23. I am grateful for you, your friendship, your presence in our lives, your kindness and I truly hope you know that I don't make friends easily - by choice - but I do consider you one of my dearest. Thinking of you, sending you love and sunshine and moonlight.

  24. dear robin,
    oh dear reading this post you've written and all the comments of loving friends here makes my heart fill with so much love and joy.

    i am so sorry you have had to go through so much alone, but at the same time i am so happy for you that you are a part (such a big beautiful part) of this incredible blogging community now. Many here have met (i have met blogging friends as well) and will agree, we are all friends, real and true, just the same as friends that meet. And there is always the thought that someday....

    I guess what i'm trying to say is i hope you'll never think of yourself as alone again. i know i have a friend in San Francisco. i do.


    p.s. we had the sun and the moon (SO Big and beautiful!) too. :)

  25. Glad you are seeing the sunshine (figuratively and literally friend. and to look forward to Placido - woo hoo!!

    xoxo to you,