"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Remembering SF Opera's 2012 Season

Now, that the season is over.... as tired as I am, I am already missing the *madness* - on stage and off, the wonderful people who ARE *Opera*...and of course, the Music.  So, before it all drifts too far away, here are a few photos for you.

Our wonderful *Maestro Nikki* and some of the Courtiers

*i Capuletti e i Montecchi*

The Two Leads - Joyce Di Donato and Nicole Cabelle joking with the Courtesans

Cast photo. All Costumes designed by Christian Lacroix

All the Ladies wore Monsieur Lacroix's 6" heels!  Mon Dieu!


These *Beggars* are part of *Lohengrin*....really?  Oh yes..

Military Uniforms?  This doesn't look like Medieval Brabant....

Because it ISN'T....it's 1956 Hungary!  (Mein Gott!)  Here is the *Swan Knight* - looking more like he belongs to *The Matrix*....

And you might ask....where is the SWAN?  Look very carefully at the top back of the Stage.... yep, that's it!
But, thankfully, the singing and the Orchestra were DIVINE!

* Moby Dick*

(aka Robin's FAVOURITE of the Season)

One of the many beautiful, stunning scenes...

Our resident Company Artist, Betty Guy, did this for me..... 

*Captain Ahab*, *Pip*, *Mister Stubb*, *Mister Flask*, *Starbuck*

*Captain Ahab* (aka Jay Hunter Morris) and Me

A *Moby Dick* postscript....  next year, on PBS *Great Performances*, our production will be aired! I hope some of you will tune in....it is really an extraordinary, unforgettable Opera!


One of the Pope's *Swiss Guards*

*Scarpia* (Mark Delevan) and his Henchmen

Bwwwa.....  we are EVIL!

The *Pope* waiting to go on and Bless everyone..

Nuns, and Popes and Priests - oh my!

Whew!  That's all, Folks!  No Opera until May, 2013!


♥ Robin ♥


  1. I have loved all your posts on the operas and will miss them. Thanks for these wonderful snippets!


  2. I will definitely have a look on PBS when your production is on. I have thought about you when the Met (?) has a performance played at the neighboring town's movie theatre. I think that is fantastic. You will have to find something to keep you busy now. Have fun.

  3. My goodness Robin what a whirlwind tour of this seasons opera shenanigans! It looked amazing and I shall certainly be on the llokout in case the airing of Moby Dick makes it across "the pond". As you know Mum and I are regulars of The Met via the amazing technology that allows us to see live opera via link ups to some of our regional arts cinemas, just brill brill BRILL!!!

    I hope you are conituing to cope with all this dratted waiting. Is there any merit in taking action and making changes so that you are "in charge"?

    I love the new seasonal look to your blog and maybe .... just maybe there will be real snow! Well you never know. xx Jos

  4. love the snowflakes and your Voki image. Ha.

    Wonderful to see the Opera shots. I dont have TV but maybe the opera will be put on a disc too so I can watch. The photo of the three boats scene is just amazing. and so neat to see a drawing/painting of the set too.

    Sending prayers hugs, suki

  5. Enjoyed all the pictures! did you all take them? Did they pose for you this way? How cool is that!
    Sure you will miss the hectic, but eh you will be happy when it is storming that you can stay home ;)
    Love your snowflakes!
    have a wonderful weekend