"This is the violet hour, the hour of hush and wonder, when the affectations glow and valor is reborn, when the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest and we believe that, if we watch carefully, at any moment we may see the unicorn."

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Götterdämmerung" Opens Today!

Pictured above Siegfried (Jay Hunter Morris) prepares to awaken Brunnhilde (Nina Stemme) with a kiss.

When we last "saw" Brunnhilde, her Father, Wotan, had just  put her to sleep on a rock surrounded by flames.

Today, the final of the four Operas that compose "The Ring" will begin it's
5 1/2 hours of glorious love, greed, jealousy, betrayal and ultimately the end of the world.  "Götterdämmerung" translates to "Twilight of the Gods"...

Here is a little video "snippet" just released from Thursday's Final Dress.....
For those of you * in the know* - Gerd is the baritone singing next to Siegfried as they pledge "Blood Brotherhood"!   ;

As we say on any opening performance: "Toi, Toi, Toi!"

May your Sunday be warm and lovely,

Love from *Valhalla*,

♥ Robin ♥


  1. I cannot wait for a FULL REPORT from Valhalla!!!
    The sets are amazing...I would love to find an old LP set of the Rig Series, to at least listen to.
    Details! Details!
    I await without patience!!!!


  2. Toi,toi,toi indeed! I am there with you in spirit, bombastic beauty as I said before. Oh, I do miss those days of dressing up, getting all excited about coming to the Opera...sigh.
    But you are bringing me joy with the snipets and your comments. Not as good as being there with you, but for now, it will do. Much love and enjoy every second of it.

  3. WOW!!!!! What passion!! I can see how people can love opera even if you don't understand the language.

    i'm so thrilled for you that you have had the pleasure of being present!


  4. well my little valhalla girl, 5 1/2 hours is the marathon of operas!! strength and courage, my dear and imagining brunhillde in all her glory!!