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Friday, June 10, 2011

Milo and Me!

Yesterday, in between rehearsals, I was dashing out to buy a latte....and who did I "run into"?  MILO,  one of the doggies working in "Die Walkure"! 
Of course, I was thrilled - and actully Milo was pretty happy too!  His "cohort" from 2010, the gorgeous white Humboldt (pictured on my sidebar) is not in the opera this year...so, the Opera is STILL holding auditions.... 

Here's the scenario....(in a nutshell) the hero is being pursued by the villan and his henchmen....the music is dark and dramatic...there is a storm....at the back of the stage, Milo and "whoever" suddenly dashes across the stage in pursuit of the hero..... well, last night, because the Final Dress Rehearsal is TOMORROW night - and they still have not found a good replacement for Humboldt, there were TWO "Contestants"! It was too funny....  the "storm raged", the music thundered, the hero and villan fought with swords....Milo dashed across the stage perfectly...."Contestant  #1"....a bit unsure,  trotted delicately behind....and  "Contestant #2 WALKED out... was alarmed with all the chaos and just stopped....  needless to say, "2" did not get the part...

Milo even has his own SFO Access Badge with his name and Photo!  Tres Chic!

So, now you all know the "latest" "Ring Gossip"!  And....this qualifies as a somewhat late Animal Wednesday post, right?    WOOF!     I mean: HAW!


♥ Robin ♥


  1. OMG!!!
    I am having a total *visual* of the tryouts....what a hoot!
    And yes, I can see how the distractions would be too much for the normal canine.
    Is there a coincidence that this one is called *MILO*, the same as our intrepid traveling bug-friend???
    Have fun!


  2. How funny!!! OMG, can you picture Emma in the midst of that thundering noise?? She'd have to audition in her Thundershirt!

    Milo is the name of Jossie's new grandson too. I love that name...and look at that face!


  3. what a fascinating behind-the-scenes picture of doggie actors. i am laughing my you-know-what thinking of 'contestant # 2' freezing in place. i never thought of the animals trying out for parts, or making friends with the head of volunteers :^)

    i hope you are having a fine weekend. lots of dark skies here in ptown and plenty of time to putter inside


  4. love the story of the doggie auditions. oh my. and milo is quite a handsome lad for sure. you two look great together. LOL.

  5. Such a handsome boy! And you are really gorgeous yourself...I've wanted a hat like that forever, but they're hard to find in the Cariboo. Lots of cowboy hats, though, heh!

    Thanks for sharing the story of the auditions...too funny! xx

  6. what a handsome dog! You make a lovely couple together! 2 Beauties!
    Seems like a mix Shepard Lab?
    And is that a Gukki bag in the background????? ;)


  7. That is a really good giggle! I hope they have found a dog that will do the job. Can you imagine if he/she sat down and started scratching? wow!!!

  8. I, for one, have been a sucker for dog performers ever since I watched Lassie on TV and "Old Yellow" at the theater.